Exercise is very good for health as it keeps you fit as well as fresh throughout the day. Exercising also helps in building stamina for the body which means you will have more energy to perform your daily functions easily and properly.

But it has also been observed that people tend to overdo things when it come to exercising which can have serious implications or even injure the body beyond repair.

Exercise is not a competition where you watch the other person doing vigorous exercise and you want to follow suit. Exercise is more like individual experiences as each person’s requirement, capacity and stamina is different.

Some people have a very level of stamina and energy which makes them keep going till they achieve their tilting point and there are others who get tired very easily.

What are the signs that indicate over-exercising?

It has been observed that there are certain signs which indicate that the body is over-exercised. It has been seen that people who over exercise tend to feel exhausted rather than feeling energetic after exercising. This happens when the body is pushed to the extreme that it cannot grasp the feeling of being energetic anymore as most of the energy is drained out.

The other sign which indicates that a person in over exercised is when they fall sick very easily and it takes them a long time to recover from common illness like cold and cough. When a person is over exercised it becomes very difficult for them to have a good night’s sleep which affects the body in various ways such as feeling lazy and tired all day long, etc.

Not to mention an over-exercised person is always cranky and short tempered due to different types of chemical reactions.

What are the reasons that contribute to over-exercising?

There are several reasons for over-exercising but some of the few reasons for over-exercising are as follows:

Not enough recovery period is given between exercises which makes the muscles over exercised and exhausted. It has been found that high intensity exercises need more recovery time so that the muscle fibers can relax and build up at the same time.

It can take up to 48 hours for the muscle tissues and fibers to recover completely. Hence it is advisable to alternate between exercises throughout the week. High intensity exercises should be kept to a minimum which ideally is about three times a week.

Pushing the body limits is another reason why people end up over-exercising. They think that pushing the body to its limit is the only way that they can get the self satisfaction of burning away the calories. It becomes very difficult for the body to cope with the intense and extreme pressure and might break down anytime thereby causing an external or internal injury.

Another highly possible reason for over-exercising is due to peer-pressure. As discussed earlier that different people have different requirements and stamina, it becomes difficult for friends or mates to compete with each other. The person who is not as fit will end up over-exercising in order to maintain the balance in friendship that will invariably harm the body.

How to avoid over-exercising?

There are several ways to avoid over-exercising the body such as enjoying the work out session till the time you think that its making you tired to the limits, allowing ample rest between exercises so that the body and muscles can relax and get ready for the next round, not prioritizing exercise over family or work or relationships.

Trying out other forms of outdoor physical activities like hiking, cycling, etc that will help the body to get in touch with nature.

It is very important to know that the body is not over-exercised or overly-exerted as it will severely impact your personal as well as professional life. Exercising is one of the best ways to beat the stress of daily life but it should not become the only place where you can escape to and push your body.

It is always said that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body, over-exercising might just disrupt that balance.