Smoking weed is no longer cool and if you think it still is, it is time to shake yourself up and wake up to the reality. Teenagers are the ones that often get carried away by the thought of marijuana and give in to the peer pressure. Those cool people try to look cool by referencing pot and forget that they are, in fact, making a mess of their body, mind and lives.

Literally millions of adults and teens smoke the dangerous drug and feel that they are indulged in something very cool. But, the reality is otherwise. Hold your horses and read on to learn more.

Most of us are used to these kinds of joints-after-midnight conversation. The truth is that weed is becoming un-cool and as one grows older, the priorities change. It is time to get frank here and every parent needs to know that Marijuana is no longer just found in Afghanistan and is now present in large urban cities across the developed countries of the world.

Women are smoking weed too

That green weed you come across in the sidewalk may not be completely innocuous. Today, women are smoking the marijuana plant openly just like any other man hooked onto the weed.

Increasing weed smoking among teenagers

It is common to see teenagers bragging about smoking weed, and how it feels so cool to chew those stems. It is really sad to see that why people need to admit that they smoke weed and feel very good about it. It is time to stop basking in a false glory that just because you are smoking weed, you look amazingly cool.

Many kids in fact smoke weed simply to look cool and join the fun of smoking weed. They think that it makes them even cooler to share it with others.

When it comes to teenagers and smoking, it has been seen that teens don’t feel the same about pot and think that tobacco is bad. This is the reason why most of them are found smoking weed.

Medical marijuana is safe?

There is a small percentage of high school seniors that believe that marijuana is harmful. With medical marijuana legalized, it raises the chance of assumptions that marijuana is safe and people are likely to show less disapproval of weed use.

It is time to check the ground reality that there is nothing cool about smoking weed. There are plenty of detrimental effects of marijuana and studies show that smoking marijuana can hurt memory too. This is definitely not a good news for the students planning to do well in their tests and perform well during their class hours.

Specific research done at Duke University has shown that smoking weed lowers IQ and those who keep on smoking weed in adolescence, show an average drop of IQ points by the time they reach their thirties. Thus, there is nothing cool about having your intellect drop and impact brain function negatively.

Making more risky decisions

Generally, people who smoke weed regularly tend to take more risky decisions. For example, they take chances relating to sexual activity and drive under the influence. It is very difficult to take positive decisions under the influence of marijuana. Smoking weed is also known to trigger certain types of mental illness.

Now that you have some good reasons to say NO to weed, try to spread the cautionary message, especially among the younger generation and teens. Be it being responsible to friends, family or strangers, it is important to keep the drug out of their lives and change their notion that it is not at all cool to smoke weed.

While you are at it, take a look at how to quit smoking forever. Help everyone you know, spread the word.