People today love to stay fit and healthy and therefore they not only focus on their diet, but they also make sure that they are going through the right exercise regime as well. Exercise is really important when it comes to fitness and therefore you should make sure that you are doing the right exercises that can keep you fit and healthy and in shape.

However, there are certain rules that you need to follow before and after you complete your exercises. Many beginners never really realize that they are hurting their body since they exert too much during and even before and after the exercises.

Muscles need time to repair

You must have definitely heard the quote that says, No Pain, No Gain, but that does not mean that you push your body beyond your limits. When you push your body beyond what you can take, you actually hurt your body and that is something that you should avoid if you are conscious about fitness and better health.

It is always recommended that you take rest after exercise so that your muscles get the time to repair. If you wish to know more please look at the article on 5 Quick Tips to Build Muscles Safely. Physical exercises can damage muscle fibers that can create soreness. Hence, you have to make sure that you provide adequate rest to your body so that your muscles can get repaired in the mean time.

Muscles need time to grow

Exercise alone cannot provide the right kind of muscle growth that you need to stay fit. If you are passionate about staying fit and healthy you should also allow your muscles to get some time to grow while you rest. One of the reasons many athletes and sports personalities get muscle injuries is because they do not provide the right amount of time that they need for rest. It is only when muscles get time to rest they actually repair and grow and that is important if you want to keep your muscles fit.

If you are not providing enough time to the body to rest after exercise you will never get the right muscle growth and will suffer from over-training syndrome.

Muscles need time to adapt

If you have never done fitness exercises before you will certainly need to give some time to your muscles to ensure that they adapt to your new fitness regime. If you do not provide relaxation to your muscles after exercise you will damage muscle tissues and that can lead to more physical injuries that can affect your health.

Exercise or any physical work can cause changes in the body such as muscle tissue breakdown and can also lead to depletion of energy stores and body fluids. When you relax you give your body and muscles some time to adapt and replenish those body fluids and repair muscle tissues.