Smoking is inhaling tobacco fumes usually through a filter mostly in the form of cigarettes. Tobacco in the cigarettes have the active ingredient of the drug, Nicotine.

Nicotine and its effects

Nicotine is stimulant drug which basically alters the chemical balance in the brain resulting in the feeling of calm and alert. These feelings are result of the drug actually affecting the effects of dopamine and noradrenaline in the brain. The major part of the nicotine, more than a quarter, inhaled goes to the brain and the rest goes to the body.

The main affect is that it quickens the rate of activity in central nervous system hence, resulting in instant feeling of relaxation usually as fast as within ten seconds. Thus, it can be imagined how luring the effects seems to be of smoking.

The most dangerous aspect of nicotine is that it is both physically and psychologically addictive. The users tend to become increasingly dependent on it and have to use a great deal of effort to release themselves from the bounds of this habit.

Initiation to smoking

There a variety of reasons as to why people start smoking mostly can be related to the age in which they start the habit. The most common age where people start smoking have been seen as early teenage that is the age range between thirteen and fifteen. The reasons at this point are commonly peer pressure, glamor of smoking through movies and advertisements, adolescent hormones, impulsiveness.

Teenagers mostly feel the need to be part of a group, along with their raging hormones and impulsiveness,it becomes very easy for them to become susceptible to smoking. Once they feel the ecstatic feeling of calmness and alertness it becomes highly probable that most percentage of the teenagers would try it again and fall into the vicious cycle.

The next common age for people to succumb to smoking are between their twenties and early thirties. This is the stage where a person undergoes the struggle of life both professionally and personally as it’s a start to one’s career and mostly the age where one has to start shouldering responsibilities for their own and may be even for others.

It has been considered as one of the most stressful period of life and getting away from all of it even for only a small span of time seems to be the best offer possible. Thus, smoking becomes the best ally as it gives instant satisfaction with no consequences to bear in recent events.

Consequences to smoking

The biggest disadvantage for nicotine addiction that there are no immediate repercussions to it. The damage is a slow process and it takes years for the effects to manifest itself but when it does there are no remedies to it.

Though there are symptoms such as sore throat, incessant coughing, which present itself within regular intervals, it is easy to ignore as there are little or no affect in regards to greater relief that users feel on smoking. Hence, it is sometimes regarded that nicotine addiction is worse than heroin addiction.

Difficulties to quit smoking

There are many times when smokers understand that they need to quit their habit as even packets of cigarettes come with warnings along with friends and family nagging about the ill effects of smoking. It is not an easy task when it comes to quitting it gets as hard as it is as easy to get started.

There are a lot of factors which have to be considered and overcome when one wants to quit smoking and the most important factor being one’s willpower as it is the user’s best ally going through the whole process of getting to quit smoking.

Reasons why people get hooked in smoking

There are different programs which help smokers to quit smoking in a specific pattern so as to be able to handle the withdrawal symptoms. There are mainly psychological withdrawal symptoms rather than physical but users might feel fatigued, depressed and lethargic. The more important barriers are psychological, prime hindrance being users’ denial to smoking addiction.

It is impossible to realize a solution is needed unless a person understands there is a problem. The same thing is applicable to smokers unless they accept that they are addicted, they cannot undergo the process of quitting especially in case of passive smokers. Once they overcome their denial and accept the problem, the second step involves conquering their psychological reasons for the dependency.

The common reasons are help to reduce stress, help calm nerves, deal with anxiety but mostly it has been found that people smoke just as a reaction to a situation with which they associate smoking. There have been reports where it has been proved that most smokers associate smoking with activities such as drinking morning coffee, attending meetings, giving presentation, etc.

It shows that smoking does not help with anything just that smokers the compulsion associated with event and smoking gives them the illusion of helping with it. Thus, it has been seen that smokers start the habit due to many reasons but get hooked to it as they associate their habit with different situations and use it to deal with them.

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