Over the years, the consumption of meat has increased tremendously due to the popular demand for fast food. Today, more than 1.4 billion people in the world are obese and overweight. Burgers carrying beef are loaded with calories and fat and the high fat content in the burger carries anywhere between 500 and 800 Calories.

You may come across some burgers that advertise to be healthy but are actually fat traps in disguise. Those full-fat beef burgers get gorged down by most people without even thinking about the calories and weight gain.

Burgers are often eaten as small meals and frequent snacks. We are programmed to think that the meal is the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat. Children love burgers mainly because of the taste and are not too interested as to what goes between those buns.

Therefore. the fundamental cause of obesity cannot be solely blamed on the burgers. It is the imbalance of the energy created, especially if we eat too much and are leading a sedentary lifestyle. Any excess of calories will inevitably pack up pounds on the body, whether it is coming from protein, carbohydrate or fat. The beef patties for burgers carries 15 percent to 20 percent fat.

The calories in a burger

The single-patty hamburger can be indulged on occasionally and isn’t going to kill one’s diet totally. However, one need not go over their daily calorie budget, but it may slow down their weight loss. It is best to stay away from the double hamburgers as the amount of calories may cross 500 calories and this can go beyond the allotted calories of the daily calorie budget.

Therefore one has to pick healthy side dishes and limit the high-fat foods for the rest of the day. For example, you can skip the dressing and the fries and even those shakes that one takes along with the burgers, as those medium shakes can add another 300 to 400 calories to your meal.

Increase in appetite

On a regular diet of burgers and fries, the human body’s cravings become proportionately larger. These are high glycemic index foods, which means that after consuming a burger meal, the blood sugar peaks quickly and then crashes, signaling to the body that it needs a sugar source fast. Therefore, you might feel sated right after your meal, but within a couple of hours, your hunger pangs will start again, leading to an overall increase in your calorie consumption over the day. Also, a heavy meal expands your stomach and over time, you need more and more food to satisfy your appetite and fill your stomach.

Nutrition and weight loss are linked inextricably and without a proper diet plan, one cannot expect to shed their excessive weight. One has to be careful as to what goes inside the burger. There are ways to make them low in calories and can enjoy that same burger made with lean beef, topped with a low-fat cheese and a serving of avocado. Eating a lean beef burger means that you need not worry about the fat content or the calories. You can still get the taste that you crave for and still feel not guilty. At the end of the day, one should eat less and exercise more to stay healthy and lean.