Exercise is good for health, but pushing it too far can be detrimental to your health. Everyone knows that the need to exercise to stay fit and healthy, but they are not quite aware of where they need to stop.

Some people who are going through health problems believe that working too hard can resolve their health issues in short time, but that is not the case. Over exercising is not going to help you much and therefore you need to make sure that you exercise regularly without pushing your own body limits. So, how do you know when you are have over exerted yourself exercising?


Do you feel there is soreness in your muscles? Well, if you feel some pain in your muscles (Check out how you can build muscles safely in this post) you have certainly pushed beyond your limits. When you exercise too much your muscle tissues are pulled up and that can lead to soreness and aching in your muscles. If you still continue to go ahead and workout you might even make it worse.

Hence, when you feel soreness or ache in your muscle you need to stop and go to your doctor. These are also known as overuse injuries where muscles are stretched out too much. This can usually happen when you try to exercise too much on the first day or if you have decided to skip to an advanced level exercise.

Unable to speak comfortably

There are many researches that claim that one of the indicators of over exertion during exercise is the inability to talk. This means that when you are exercising you are unable to speak because you are breathing heavily. When you are exercising you need to make sure that you focus on exercises that you can do easily rather than switching to a high level exercise.

When you skip the level your body will need more energy and you will eventually start breathing heavily that will make it too hard for you to speak for some time. When you are breathing heavily you need to stop immediately and make sure you take some rest.


Too much of exercise can squeeze out all your body fluids and that is certainly not good for you. While you are exercising you should not feel dehydrated at all especially if you are used to doing those exercises. However, when you push your body too far you will experience dry mouth and fatigue which is one of the indicators that you have over exerted while exercising.

While exercising you must make sure that your body is properly hydrated and therefore you should stick to exercises that do not make you feel dehydrated. If you are experiencing little or no urination that is also a signal that you are completely dehydrated due to over exertion.


Do you feel nauseated after you workout? There are many people that over-exert and therefore they suffer from exercise induced nausea that is also an indicator that you tried too hard to workout. There are many people that also pass out or feel nauseated while they are working out and that is a body signal that you need to stop.

If you feel that way you should stop immediately and drink water and take some rest because you have pushed your body muscles. It usually happens when you are dehydrated and your body requires more fluids that can help you to continue.

Rapid heartbeat

There are many people that feel rapid heartbeat when they exercise and that is also one of the indicators that claim that you have worked out too much. If you already have heart problems you must make sure that you do not push yourself too hard while working out.

Heart patients must make sure that they keep their exercise regime under control and do not try to workout that exceeds their body limitations.

In a nutshell

Exercising too hard is certainly not the right way to achieve fitness and better health in short time. Hence, you have to make sure that you focus on your exercise and increase the intensity level gradually.

Pushing your body too much can lead to overexertion and that means that you might have weakness and nausea problems that can only impact your health in a negative way.