In these days of fast and hectic lifestyle it becomes very difficult to find some time where you can properly focus on your health and fitness. People often complain that they do not have the time to take up a gymnasium membership or any other activity due to their work schedule and other commitments. They also keep saying that a multi-equipment gym at home is not a possibility since the space is so less and once bought it is almost always kept as a show piece rather than actually using it to their benefit.

This is where exercise bikes come in handy as they are stationery bikes which can be placed in the home and they do not even take up much space. People often argue if exercise bikes are any good when it comes to burning fat and maintaining a healthy body.

What are exercise bikes?

An exercise bike is a stationery mechanical equipment that looks and acts like a bicycle but does not move from its position. Exercise bikes usually consist of a handle, pedals, adjustable seat, front wheel and chains that are connected to the monitor that is mounted on top of the handle.

These bikes are used by people for fitness purpose where they can have their fill of cardiovascular exercises. Exercise bikes can be electronic which needs to be plugged into a power source so that it can work or mechanical where although there is no requirement of external power source, it converts the energy generated by our body by pedaling to move the wheel.

Exercise bikes can usually be seen in gymnasiums where people keep pedaling in order to either burn calories or just warm their body up for other intense exercises.

These bikes usually come fitted with different levels of tension where one needs to apply more power to turn the wheel as the level goes up. It is one of the most used equipment in the gymnasium for people who want to burn that extra fat from their body.

Do exercise bikes help in burning fat?

It has been found that using exercise bikes along with the right type of diet can have help in burning fat from the body. But it will do no good if the diet is not proper along with spending hours on the exercise bike. It is advisable to cycle at least forty minutes every day on the exercise bike along with a balanced diet.

The exercise bike has been considered as one of the best cardio exercises since it has been found to burn fats at a rapid rate compared to other land based exercises. Although exercise bikes are useful in burning fats, it is also not a bad idea to go for cycling outdoors as the fresh air along with exercise can work wonders for the body.

The exercise bike can be placed anywhere in the house as it does not take too much place. One of the best places to keep your exercise bike is in the balcony or terrace where you can exercise without feeling suffocated.


And of course, good exercise together with the right diet can help in weight loss. The diet is important because when the food intake is lowered the excess fats stored in the body is utilized that will help you reduce overall. When these stored fats are burned the metabolism rate in the body goes up significantly which helps in maintaining a better and healthy body.

Best ways to use exercise bikes

One of the best ways to make sure the exercise bike works for you is by doing around 50 push-aways every day. Although you will not be able to do spot reduction of fats on exercise bikes, it will tighten and tone the muscles which will give it a flatter look. 50 push-aways will take about five minutes of your time but will go a great distance to help you burn the excess fats.

If you want to see marked difference quickly then carry a little bit of weight (around 5 pounds) in your hands while cycling that will help you burn fats faster. It has been seen that adding a little weight can increase the burning of fats by over 30%. These bikes have been proven to be better than crunches when it comes to burning fats from the belly region.


Overall it can be said that exercise bikes are very useful when it comes to burning fats from the body. But it is also essential to maintain a good diet along with exercise so that it becomes easier to maintain the healthy body.