Vitamin D is one of the most vital vitamins required by the body and is required for cell growth, bone development, neuromuscular functioning as well as proper absorption of calcium. The vitamin ensures that your body can fight infection and your heart, lungs, muscles and brain work well. According to the researchers, vitamin D reflects overall health and lower levels of vitamin D means a state of poor health.

It is important that our body gets the right amount of vitamin D or we can suffer from a weakened immune system and this can lead to weakened muscles and bones and an increased cancer risk. The shortage of the vitamin can lead to poor hair growth and rickets. The body needs to get the right amount of the vitamins as excess of the vitamin can lead the body to absorb too much calcium. This can increase the risks of getting kidney stones and heart attack.  As Vitamin D is oil soluble, one will need fat to absorb it.

How to get the vitamins from the sun

Our body can make vitamin D directly from sunlight and there are vitamin supplements that can help us get the vitamin. It is naturally made by our body when exposed to the sun and is also referred to as the sun-shine vitamin. The body uses the vitamin to manage the amount of calcium in our blood, bones and helps cells to communicate properly. This is the solitary vitamin that can be made by our body and our body depends on other foods to get other vitamins. Moreover, when our body gets vitamin D, it gets converted into a hormone and this is the reason why it is also known as activated vitamin D.

We need to expose our skin to sunlight (once a while) and the ultraviolet B rays to get vitamin D and this is particularly easier during the summer days when there is a lot of sun around.  Just half an hour exposure is sufficient to get the vitamin D. The more the exposure, the higher is the amount of vitamin D produced. You can turn to vitamin supplements should you not get enough sunlight in your area. One of the best supplements is Vitamin D3 that is available as tablets and capsules. However you must consult your doctor before taking any strong vitamin D supplements.

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The quantity of vitamin D you get from exposing your skin will depend on where you live and the time of day, as well as the color of the skin. For example, you can create more vitamin by exposing to the sun in the middle of the day. If you live closer to the equator, it will be easier for your body to produce Vitamin D the whole year round. As compared to the darker skin tones, the paler skins are able to produce more vitamin D. Moreover the more skin your expose, the more vitamin you create.

What foods have vitamin D

Our body gets the vitamins and minerals it needs from the food it eats. Most foods that contain vitamin D carry only small amounts. We can get the vitamin through foods like yogurt, tuna, eggs, milk, salmon, cereal and orange juice.

Let us take a look at the foods which contain Vitamin D.

  • Cod Liver Oil has been a popular vitamin D supplement for many years and also carries vitamin A.
  • Another popular food source for Vitamin D is fish and we find more of the vitamin in raw fish as compared to cooked one. Fish canned in oil are found to carry more vitamin D in comparison to those canned in water.
  • Fortified cereals often come with essential vitamins and nutrients and are known to be a good source of vitamin D. As these products vary widely, just be sure to check the nutrition label and level before buying.

It is essential to carry the right amount of Vitamin D as both high and low levels of the vitamin can add to health risks like heart disease or cancer. Very low vitamin D levels are often associated with lower physical activity. The reason why some people carry very high vitamin D levels is still not clearly known. Consult your doctor about your fitness levels as well as your body requirement of Vitamin D.