People who are interested in losing weight are always on the lookout for the best diet plan. Diet plays a big role in weight loss and when one meets a failure in one, search for the next craze begins. An emerging diet craze – The Banana Diet is proving to be very effective in weight loss. Its introduction in Japan has even caused a widespread shortage in supply, with many hoarding on bananas just to keep up.

What Are Banana Diets

The Banana Diet is fairly straightforward – eat raw bananas for breakfast along with room temperature water. Have nothing else but bananas, not even coffee or a slice of bread. It is possible to have as many bananas, just as long as nothing else is had. If hunger strikes along the way, water can be enjoyed – in fact there is no limit to the number of glasses of water that can be taken in during the course of this diet plan!

Advantages of Banana Diet

  • Increases metabolic rate – Controlling metabolic rate is essential in weight loss and when the day is started with a meal of bananas, the body’s metabolic capacity is set towards the right direction.
  • Diet without starvation – One great thing about the banana diet is that starvation is not essential. After the banana breakfast, the next meals can be composed of anything. Just as long as these meals are kept in regulation, of course, amazing results may be enjoyed.
  • Increased fat-burning capacity – Bananas are rich in resistant starch and this ferments efficiently in the digestive tract, improving the fat burning capacity of the individual. This also helps to decrease fat accumulation, helping so much in weight loss.
  • Amazing weight loss results – Many have testified to the effectiveness of the banana diet as a weight loss option. People who have gone on the diet achieve a very impressive 15-pound weight loss in just a few weeks – and that is something to look at.
  • Improves digestion – Bananas contain specific enzymes that are known to facilitate the body’s digestive function. When taking in an enough amount of bananas, the digestive system is made more efficient so weight loss is achieved with ease.

Diets you can do with bananas

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Disadvantages of Banana Diets

  • No exact discipline developed – The most effective and lasting diet results are obtained from efforts that are built with a strong foundation. This diet gives one the freedom to enjoy any kind of food just as long as a banana and water breakfast is taken for breakfast. This diet does not help to build a healthy lifestyle, and even promotes freedom to enjoy anything edible.
  • Low caloric intake – The problem with such open diets is that it is also open for all kinds of interpretation. As much as it gives the dieter free reign to go overboard it can dangerously cause a dieter to eat less than what the body requires. Having a very low calorie intake can lead to weight loss but it can also decrease metabolic rate to very critical levels.
  • Does not encourage exercise – Given the nature of how the banana diet runs and what it is composed of, exercise is not exactly a big part of the plan. There is no stress on the role of exercise in the success of the program, and when exercise is mentioned dieters are reminded to keep intensity of activity on the low. This is true if not much energy is obtained from the diet. Exerting too much effort on exercise is going to be dangerous so many would prefer to avoid it altogether.
  • The danger of the fad – Despite what many say that is good about this diet, it is a fad diet and as with most crazes, it works wonders up to a point, until things fail. Relapse is very common in fad diets, so there is always danger of gaining more weight than what was lost.

As with most diet plans, there is an unspoken rule that everyone needs to be aware of. Regardless of how free the diet seems to be, eat in moderation and try to choose healthy foods. Also, it is essential that enough time is given for the body to recuperate and metabolize whatever was taken in. This means that it is best that food is avoided after 8pm. Observe all these tips and tricks, and achieve the best weight loss goals.