Sadly, most people don’t realize the importance of having a good and healthy breakfast in their life. It has been found that approximately 10% of Americans don’t eat breakfast and men are more likely to skip breakfast as compared to women. It is common to see people skipping breakfast, and this could be a conscious choice or simply ignoring the morning meal because of the rush and shortage of time.

It is time we mended our bad habits as we just cannot afford to ignore the negative health effects of skipping breakfast. It is not just about the calories that you might think you are losing, but also the stressful state of fasting that your body undergoes for the whole day. These habits can disrupt your metabolism in many life-threatening, ways Thus, skipping your breakfast is not a good idea. Read on to learn why.

Why have breakfast

There are many good reasons to eat breakfast every morning. According to a recent study, missing out on breakfast is not at all healthy for your heart. This is because it could lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. This could lead to higher risk for the heart. A recent study shows that many men who experienced a cardiac situation for the first time admitted to being in a rush in the morning and having no time to eat breakfast. Thus, it is time to change some of your diet mantras and give the breakfast its due importance.

Researchers have found a relation between having a percent higher risk of suffering from coronary heart disease and skipping breakfast. Having a good breakfast is known to keep several diseases at bay, for example diabetes. Making certain choices like a bowl of oatmeal can make the cholesterol levels go down.

What happens when we miss breakfast

Ditching breakfast can impact your weight, mood and the general well-being in a negative way. A research study has shown that eating breakfast regularly holds the major key to weight control. The breakfast meal is necessary especially when our minds and bodies have gone without food for hours during the night while we were asleep.

Adults who race out the door without breakfast are likely to under-perform at work. Without food, the blood sugars levels go on a roller coaster ride and we feel fatigued and irritable, and thus it will affect our decisions that we need to take at our work place or at home. Skipping breakfast can lead to early hunger pangs and one ends up indulging in a heavier lunch.

Have a sensible morning meal and set a good pattern for the rest of the family. Don’t give excuses and one can always find time to make a healthy breakfast. It takes no time to prepare an oat meal and add some fruits.

Make use of reduced-fat cheese, egg whites and high-fiber cereal and whole-grain bread, etc. for the breakfast. Add healthy fats like avocado and olive. Protein, whole-grain carbs and healthy fats are the key to a healthy breakfast, and offer a strong foundation for your body for the rest of the day.

Think before heading out for the day without your breakfast and give the right boost to your mind and body that it needs right at the start of the day with a good and healthy breakfast.