When one commits to something, it can be very painful if at the end of the day things falter and fail. Trying to lose weight can be very hard sometimes and many meet frustration instead of triumph. Even after going through countless weight loss programs, diet pills and hours in the gym, nothing seems to be happening – quitting seems to be the only solution.

Wrong Fitness Programs and Setting Wrong Goals

So why are people not achieving what they are supposed to achieve when trying to slim down? What are they doing wrong and what should they be doing instead?

  1. Poor diet choices – Many are fools enough to think that their diet plans are fail proof. They think they are eating healthy, low-fat and low-fat meals, so they expect to shed weight. Unfortunately, the so-called healthy food and drinks they take in are unhealthy (Read “Discipline your Diet: 10 Foods for Effective Weight Loss“), so they are not able to achieve their goals at all.
  2. Stress – Stress is a big hindrance to perfect weight loss, contrary to what many people think about it. When an individual is stressed, the body produces increased levels of cortisol that hampers insulin resistance, catabolises muscle and increase fat storage. People have different types of stressors and for a successful weight loss endeavour, these should be eliminated.
  3. Healthy homeostasis – The body is able to recognize certain changes, but things are usually bound by a state of normalcy. If weight is no longer lost despite extreme efforts, it is likely that the body has already reached homeostasis and is feeling comfortable at that level. At this point, an awful plateau is met and it needs to be overcome through consistency and commitment.
  4. Thyroid problems – Unexplained weight gain can sometimes be related to thyroid problems. When a person suffers from an under-active thyroid or hypothyroidism, metabolism is at its lowest. These conditions often go undetected for years. Unknown to a sufferer, the real reason why their sincerest attempts to lose weight is ever failing is due to a medical problem. For your information, common symptoms of this disorder include dry skin, dull hair, constant cold sensations and lassitude.
  5. PCOS syndrome – A lot of women who have weight problems are undergoing PCOS problems. Polycystic ovary syndrome are found to be resistant to insulin, so their bodies are unable to effectively convert testosterone to oestrogen so weight gain is expected.
  6. Inactivity – Despite the observation of a balanced meal, it is often necessary to really make that effort to sweat to be able to lose weight. This is most especially true for individuals who are constantly sitting or lying down. If work does not involve enough activity, more effort should be displayed.
  7. Insufficient amount of water – Water is very important to weight loss because it can suppress appetite and it contains zero calories. More so, one is expected to be hydrated at all times to allow the body to function properly and so assimilate food and energy, right way. Water, for instance, helps to keep the kidneys functioning well. If the kidneys fail, the liver is overworked and more fat is left stored in the body instead of being burned.

Weak Resolve

The most desperate make compromises to cut corners that bring danger to themselves. Feeling rather hopeless and already at the end of the line, the resort to shortcuts. For example:

  1. Slimming pills and drinks are often the initial go-to solutions by many who seem to have meet a dead end. Some of these pills are quite strong laxatives and cause excessive thinning of the stomach lining, so they are not very healthy solutions. More so, many of the effects obtained from slimming pills and drinks are temporary.
  2. Cosmetic injections and various laser technologies are now available at a huge sum. These procedures make use of solutions that supposedly melt fat but they are expensive and not so reliable.
  3. Surgery is the most risky weight loss option. The most problematic and hopeless, feel that they no longer have a choice so they go for the most drastic measure. Examples of surgical procedures are liposuction, gastric bypass and tummy tuck. They all pose a big risk to individuals.

No matter what the motivation is to lose weight, it is essential that the right steps are taken to achieve goals. Merely doing things is not the same with accomplish actual results. If something is not working, something must be wrong – so it is fitting to get things checked out immediately.