Water is very important for the body. Everyone is encouraged to stay hydrated because water facilitates the transport of various compounds in the body. It helps in lubrication, cohesion and is an important component of blood.

Another important contribution of water in the body is homeostasis, which regulates the temperature of the body to be able to maintain equilibrium or balance. The body is found to use temperature to signify its health status. A temperature recorded as high indicates the presence of fever and those recorded as very low may bring about chills.

The skin is referred to as the third kidney as it is the largest organ for elimination. A healthy human being is able to release 30% of the body’s waste through sweat. A number of illnesses are developed when sedentary bodies do not perspire enough to bring about toxin and bacterial release.

Why People Perspire

Sweating is a physiological phenomenon that is normal to every human being with sweat glands experiences. Sweating helps to keep balance in the body, so that it will operate normally and stay within normal temperature which is around 98,6 Fahrenheit or 37 Celcius. If there is excess heat in the body, this will be released through the skin in form of sweat.

Sweat is consist of water as well as some concentrations of chloride, sodium and potassium. The eccrine and apocrine glands are the main glands responsible for the production of sweat.

  • Eccrine glands trigger perspiration to regulate body temperature.
  • Apocrine glands release perspiration in response to nerve stimulation.

Whether sweating is an involuntary or voluntary reaction, sweating is a good thing. The eccrine and apocrine glands play the role of producing sweat so that it may be released by the body. When the body is healthy, there is an unhampered production and release of sweat.

The Benefits of Perspiring

When people think of sweat they think about the sticky and stinky mess it leaves on the individual. It is not exactly something that people look forward to but sweating is good for a number of reasons:

  1. Sweat helps to cool the body – As previously mentioned, sweating plays a big role in homeostasis. When the body temperature is much too high, excess heat may be released through sweat to cool the body down. Heat will be transferred to the much cooler environment and the body will lower in temperature.
  2. It makes your skin beautiful – Some people frequent spas and dermatology clinics to receive an exfoliating procedure for their skin. Sweating opens up the pores of the skin and along with the sweat, toxins and wastes are released. In skin clinics, steam is used to open pores in order to allow the performance of deep cleaning and other similar procedures.
  3. Sweat protects against foreign substances – While the skin is the most significant barrier of the body against disease, sweat that is released by the body helps because it contains Dermcidin which is a mild antibiotic. Dermcidin can kill bacteria that enter the body through the skin.
  4. Sweating releases waste materials – The body manufactures a large amount of waste and toxins. When they are allowed to remain in the body they can eventually cause infections and disease. A good example of this is malaria or a simple skin irritation. When the pores are unclean and are already clogged, red bumps may appear on the body when sweat is finally produced. This, unfortunately, causes a problem but the release is eventually going to bring some relief.
  5. It helps in weigh loss – Physical activity always results in sweat production and the more you work out and exercise the more sweat you produce. If one makes a habit of devoting time to exercise and sweat, calories are effectively burned and weight gain is controlled.
  6. It is therapeutic – Since sweating is basically related to thermoregulation, the normal production of sweat is very good in maintaining good health. Some sicknesses are best remedied by sweating because it can release toxins. A number of home remedies call for the taking of teas that induce sweat or going into a facility with sauna or steam bath.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Sweating is a very important activity of the body because it keeps the individual healthy. The most significant method of producing sweat is by performing activity. Any kind of physical activity can help product copious amount of sweat. Depending on the intensity and length of the performance, a person is able to sweat out enough toxins, calories, heat and so forth.

The activities that are good for sweat production vary from daily activities to exercises or workouts. Cooking, cleaning, washing the car, gardening, sweeping and other household chores can bring about enough sweat production to anyone. Walking, running, swimming, biking, jumping, dancing and other physical activities can also encourage sweat production. Some strenuous sports activities are also good in sweat production such as basketball, boxing, football, martial arts, soccer and so forth. The use of gym equipments such as weights, treadmill, bicycle, exercise bikes and others are also effective. Finally, one can choose to sit inside a steam room or sauna to sweat.

Whether you subject yourself to a physical activity or you immerse yourself in an environment that will cause your body to sweat it does not matter. Sweat brings a lot of benefits to the body and it is ultimately good, so go sweat it.