A human body is made up of almost 70% of water and is extremely important for survival. It has been found by scientists that we feel thirsty when the water level decreases by 1% in our body. When this level goes below 7% we are dehydrated and if the water level goes below 10-12% it might even be fatal.

It has also been found that drinking water can help you lose excess weight without altering any bodily functions. So if you want to know the reasons why drinking water can help you lose weight then look no further, below mentioned are some of the amazing benefits of water. Just drinking an extra cup or glass of water will not help; it has to be done accurately to see visible results.

Feeling thirsty actually?

Drinking water at regular intervals curbs the feeling of hunger substantially thereby helping in burning out excess fats which are stored in the body. It has been proven that when we feel hungry it is in fact that we are feeling thirsty but due to our mind being desensitized we have the urge to eat.

If we eat when we are thirsty then we are reducing the water intake invariably and in turn adding fats to our body. If you drink a glass of cold water when you are hungry it will not only make you feel full but will also provide you with energy by utilizing the fats stored in the body.

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily

When we talk about drinking water, it is always advised by elders and doctors that we should drink at least about eight glasses of water every day. Drinking eight glasses of water everyday will keep the water level in the body intact even after excessive perspiration. It has been found that excessive perspiration flushes out toxins and salts from the body thereby keeping it healthy.

Since the energy gained in our body is by burning nutrients and water, drinking cold water will slow down this process which in turn will make the body burn more stored fats in order to re-gain the energy required for the body to function properly. It is a simple case of thermodynamics that will help you lose weight significantly.

Helping to remove fat cells

All our bodily functions require water to work efficiently, so when the water level decreases in the body some of these functions get affected. This is mainly because water helps in moving fats from the cells which are turned into energy for the body that we know as calories.

When the water intake is hampered cells are unable to move the necessary fats from its storage to produce energy. This is when we feel hungry as the body demands for a source of energy. At this time if we drink a glass or two of cold water, it will help in moving the stored fats and also make the body lose weight as most of the excess weight that we put on is in the form of fats.


Water in general is a great source of energy and also helps in detoxification of the body as when the water level goes down it the body, we feel lazy and tired very easily. It is essential to drink ample quantities of water every day to lose excess weight along with a healthy diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and other essential elements. Have you taken your daily cuppa yet?