Having too much of cellulite is not something pleasant. You do not want them seen, you do not want them talked about, but they are often a big problem. They are given several nicknames: haul damage, cottage cheese thighs, orange peel skin and so forth – each one equally disturbing as the other. They are fat deposits found just below the skin and may be found on the lower pelvic region, thighs and abdomen.

Their presence may be due to a few things; it could be related to hormones, age, genetic predisposition, lifestyle habits and poor diet. The degree at which one suffers cellulite is increased based on these factors, but mostly it is caused by the unwanted accumulation of body toxins.

The chemicals from the substances you take into your body can very well cause the presence of cellulite on your body. All the toxins are stored in the fat in your body so they it may effectively keep them away from your vital organs – so it is safe to say that too much of it is an indicator of poor health.

How to Reduce Cellulite

There are many known ways to get rid of cellulite and one of this is surgery. Cosmetic surgeons, aided by the latest technologies can get rid of cellulite, wherever they may be on the body. Unfortunately, most people are quite reluctant to go under the knife. Guarded by the known side effects of liposuction, they would rather go about it the natural way.

  • Drinks lots of water – Keeping hydrated with water is always very good. Clean and pure water helps to hydrate the body that will be good enough to flush out toxins. As cellulite are stored toxins within the fat in the body, hydrating with enough water will help to take these away from your body.
  • Dry brush your skin regularly – A body brush may be used to dry brush the skin and this helps deal with cellulite. This helps to improve blood circulation and so aids in the removal of toxins in the body, and so the removal of cellulite. You can dry brush along the areas of the cellulite such as the arms, shoulders, buttocks and thighs. After dry brushing, take a shower to wash away the toxins down the drain.
  • Stay away from unprocessed food – The most important method on how to reduce cellulite, will be maintain a health diet that is devoid of processed and acidic food substances. The stored toxins in your body can be driven away by taking a lot of high alkaline foods, as well as fruits and vegetables. These foods have the ability to magnetize toxins so that they may be taken out.
  • Take omega-3 fatty acids – To counteract the effect of the fat that you take in, you can add omega-3 fatty acid to your diet which is very good with cellulite. Sources for this will be: canola oil, edema-me, wild rice, pasture-raised meats and dairy products.
  • Exercise regularly – If you have cellulite, chances are you have excess fat and loose skin to deal with. Exercise is going to help keep you lean and fit and it is going to help get rid of the toxins and the excess fat storing it.

Having cellulite is not just unsightly, but they are unhealthy. The toxins stored within the fats should not be given a place in your body. Liposuction side effects have caused people to turn away from surgery, but the offering of cellulite home remedies definitely saves the day.