Weight loss is a process that is rarely described as fast or instantly gratifying. It is a gradual one where a regular and balanced routine is followed to have effective results. Overweight individuals are usually noticed deviating from these regularized routine and thus, motivation, will power and determination go a long way with regards to the completion of a weight loss program.

Usually an ideal weight loss program is a combination of balanced diet and regular physical activity according to the requirement of the person. There are many sorts of programs available in the market which can be followed. The choice is always up to every individual but they can get professional help which is quite easily available with the ever growing technology.

Malpractices in weight loss program

There are a lot of companies and individuals in the market who advertise to help obese and overweight people with their weight loss. They prey on the vulnerabilities of these people as they are desperate to become “normal” and be part of the society. It is like with any minority within a population, that there is a sense of insecurity and this leads people to make wrong goals.

For the obese and overweight people, they tend to be determined to lose weight overnight and fall prey easily to fraud businesses. It has been seen that there are various business who make commitments that individuals can lose up to twenty kilograms in a month by just taking a magic drink or by applying some gel or using heat belts.

It has to be understood that these are false and dangerous promises. Firstly, if these commitments are fulfilled the consequences to such major change in the body in such short time span will be terrible. And secondly, it is next to impossible to accomplish such goals without harming oneself either by starving or altering body metabolism process.

Proper weight loss program

As mentioned before, it is very important that the weight loss program is in accordance to the person’s needs. If he or she needs to lose only five kilograms, they need to follow a different routine from one who needs to lose to fifty kilograms.

The programs have to be spaced out depending on the final goals and has to be accommodated in the regular routine of the individual. Any sudden major changes to a the routine sets off adverse reactions in the body and can cause more harm than good.

Therefore, the weight program has to be adopted into the lifestyle of the individual sympathetically and the changes has to be gradually. The physical activity aspect of the program is determined similarly depending on the regular amount of physical done in the routine.

For an example, if a person with a desk job who lives a sedentary lifestyle with minimum to no physical activity in their routine, has to be introduced to a weight loss program they have to be introduced gradually with walking to brisk walking to running and then carried forward over a span of time.

The diet aspect is similarly introduced by keeping all major food groups in it and varying with quantity and slowly with steady progress cutting off fatty and greasy food and introducing more salads in the diet. The diet is determined towards the individual’s health condition, age and energy consumption of the person. An ideal diet can only be perfect for a single individual as the needs of each person is different and every person reacts differently to different changes.

To conclude

Thus, it can be said though the process of weight loss is slow and gradual, it is easy with the appropriate balanced diet and physical exercise regime. The results vary within individuals but when followed strictly and with determination, goals are bound to be achieved.