Losing weight is the most talked about topic in a world where millions of people are obsessed with having good health. Both men and women around the world today want to focus on their health and they want to make sure that they cut down excess weight in short time. However, you will often find that men tend to get slim in short time compared to women and that kind of topic usually end up making rounds on the internet and in various health magazines that can only make it harder for women to lose weight.

There is a lot being said and written about losing weight in both the sexes, but let’s find out if it is easier for men or women to lose weight.

Physical differences

When you take a quick look at the physical differences you will find that men have larger body compared to females and therefore they have more muscles which are basically because of testosterone.

Genetically, men are designed to have higher percentage of muscles and less of fat and therefore it allows them to lose weight quickly compared to women that have more fat stored due to the hormones they have. Hence, when men work out they tend to lose weight quickly because they have less amount of fat that allow them to convert that into muscles.

Food obsession

Many researches and survey reports claim that women are more obsessive about food than men and that also is one of the reasons why women have to try hard to cut down on their weight. The survey report claims that women think more about food because they also have to handle the meals for their family and therefore they are more obsessive about food.

On the other hand, there are men that do think about food, but they are not that obsessive about their food and they are more focused on their professional work when they are busy.

Personal attitude

There are many reports that also claim that men are go-getters and they are taught to be like that which helps them to push harder when things are not going the way they want to be. Hence, men tend to workout harder and they take precautions that can help them to cut down their weight in the right way before they add more weight.

In comparison to this, women are too busy with their personal and professional commitments and therefore females usually focus on their daily job rather than paying attention to their health and weight gain problems.

Faster metabolism

Some of the reports also claim that men have better metabolism activity compared to females and therefore men can lose weight quickly compared to females. Men also choose to take up jobs that are more physically challenging and that means that they might end up burning more calories when they are at work.

On the other hand, not all women around the world choose physically stressful jobs and therefore they take time to cut down their weight.

Stress factor

It seems strange but some studies also reveal that stress factor also adds up to the weight gain problems in women. The study claims that men are more at ease and therefore they have the tendency to get rid of their stress while women tend to bottle it up which actually leads to more weight gain when women eat more during stress.


While you can never really tell whether it is easier for men or women to lose weight because there are many factors involved in the process. However, most of the factors are in the favor of men and when you consider those factors you certainly get an idea that men tend to lose weight quickly than women.

Women have to put in more efforts and need to change their lifestyle that will allow them to get the desired results that they want while men have certain liberties that make things easier for them to lose weight.