Losing weight is one of those things which we want to do and get instant results just like getting an instant cup of coffee. People who have tried to lose weight know that it is very difficult and just how easy it is to gain weight.

The process of weight loss has to be gradual in order to be a permanent change and only then it is a helpful one. Instant weight loss or gain are one of most dangerous effects on a person’s body as they affect all parts of the body in a harmful way and the ways adopted for weight loss should be selected and practiced with extreme caution, to not have dangerous consequences as side effects.

Misconceptions about weight loss

There are many faux ideas about weight loss and are often exploited by marketing companies for easy money. It is commonly noticed that overweight and obese individuals are in constant look out for weight loss programs in the market.

These vulnerabilities are used to their advantage by companies with products which assure these individuals with instant gratification with overnight weight loss. Some of these products are malnutrition health drinks, diet plans which starve them and heat belts that affect internal organs.

The root cause for the success of these cheap products are the misconceptions about weight loss among the population. It is not healthy to have a weight loss of 5 kilograms in a week by starving oneself or to exercise on a treadmill for 3 hours every day for a beginner.

The correct ways to weight loss

The most important aim is to live a healthy and active life, which should be the focus of the program adopted for weight loss.There are different types of program available from a variety of sources from which one can choose. Important features to remember for a weight loss program are:

  • The result vary from individual to individual and the aim should be to become healthy and not to fall ill.
  • The program should introduce the patient gradually into weight loss so that the body gets accustomed to it.
  • The plan should be adhered to strictly but adjustments should be made to accommodate the needs of the body.
  • The program cannot be made to perform instant results and should not focus on it as the consequences to that can be horrific.

Ideal weight loss program

An ideal weight loss program is the combination of right diet and regular exercise depending on the amount of weight loss.The example of an ideal weight loss program for a moderately overweight person would include:

  1. Balanced diet – It would be comprised of all major groups of food such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals. The quantity of food would be determined on the basis of previous intake and gradually brought the optimal requirement. The meals will be distributed evenly over a period of time with not more than a gap of two hours between meals. This will ensure there are no heavy meals at any one point but the patient will not be starved either. The body will have the required nourishment but in a way that would enhance the body to be active and healthy.
  2. Regular exercise – The type of exercise is determined on what the level of activity the body is accustomed to. If the patient has a sedentary lifestyle with no physical activity, the exercise regime would initially include brisk walking for short periods and gradually move towards running on treadmills or cycling. There are other activities which can be included such as swimming or tennis which would serve the purposes of both exercise and relaxation.

An effective weight loss program would combine a balanced diet with regular exercise depending on the body type of the patient. There are a lot factors involved when a diet plan is comprised and is mostly unique to a person’s needs.

If the regular routine that is followed by an individual for an extended period of time is altered suddenly the body is bound to react absurdly. Hence, the diet plan is made keeping in mind the patient’s previous routine including; work, food and sleep and also the body’s reaction to the gradual adaptation of the changes in them.

There are experts who can help if patients are not sure of the right weight loss program. The choice also depends on the amount of weight loss needed for the patient and to maintain it going forward.