Weight loss is not easy especially when it is being done alone. It is not impossible, sure many have been victorious at it, but more successes have been claimed over weight loss achieved with the help of peers.

Instead of exercising and dieting alone, one can choose to do it with a buddy or a group of friends. Like a team sport, it works wonders and the results are amazingly impressive.

Motivation Source

Trying to lose weight with friends is good for a lot of reasons, but mostly it works because:

  • Friends can push each otherLosing weight with friends is effective because everyone becomes a personal cheerleader to each other. When one is rooting for the other, success is easily and painlessly achieved.
  • It is better to do it with a companion – Whether it is eating or working out, it is so much better to do it with someone. If two or more people are dieting together, it is easier to avoid temptation. More so, if two or more people are working out together, the work is made more enjoyable.
  • Some competition is healthy and useful – Not that health and weight loss should be a made a competition between peers, but a healthy contest is always a good motivator. A friend is doing well, so it is normal for one to strive better, in an effort to get ahead.
  • Publicizing efforts can be good motivation – When things are set out for more to see, it is more difficult to quit a quest. A pact has been made and it has been made publicly, so it is going to be embarrassing to fail.
  • Good friends can be straight – Instead of trusting the mirror, trust a friend to give accurate feedback to any progress or failure met on a regular basis. A good friend will point on wrong decisions and highlight good points, so that strengths and weaknesses may be identified.

Losing Weight with Friends

When trying to lose weight with friends, the following are some of the activities you can carryout:

  • The buddy system – The smallest friendly workout system that could be worked out would be a buddy system where in two people partner to do things together – monitoring, recording, reminding and scolding each other so that goals may be achieved. Both are responsible for each other and the failure or success of one is shared by both parties.
  • Biggest loser contests – For a bigger group friends, losing weight could be made more interesting by running a contest and setting out a prize for the winner to collect at the end. Like most contests, it is naturally motivating, especially when the prize is truly enticing.
  • Group attendance classes – A set of friends could schedule workouts together in gyms or private sessions. Attending classes or going to the gym (Read “7 Popular Exercises that can Help Lose Weight Naturally“) can be hard sometimes but it is easier when people do it together.

Everyone can strive to be more creative with a weight loss attempt. It is not easy to lose weight and always, any effort that meets success is worth exploring. Losing weight with friends has worked wonders for many, so feel free to try out how well it works.