Pillows are cushioned support for the head and or any other part of the body that is usually used while sleeping in bed and or on chairs to support the body. They are probably one of the most important parts of having a good night’s sleep as over centuries human have used pillows to rest their heads or any other part of the body.

The oldest pillows discovered till today dates back to around 7000 B.C. They were found in the area of Mesopotamia where the earliest civilizations is thought to have flourished. Pillows are also found alongside mummies inside their tombs during excavations in Egypt which have been found to be over 4000 years old. Ancient Egyptian pillows were made out of wood or stones. As such, pillows have been around since the start of human civilization as it was necessary to keep the head elevated over the body to keep the blood circulation going and also to keep an eye out for intruders and enemies that might attack without warning.

Soft pillows were first used by the Romans who used to stuff their headrests with feathers, straw or reeds to make them more comfortable, however they were used by the upper-class people only. Over centuries, the use of pillows have evolved from being wooden headrests to the ultra soft ones with foam memory.

Most pillows consist of a fabric that covers the soft stuffing inside which can be anything from feathers to cotton to synthetic fiber or foam. They can be of different types such as bed pillows, living room pillows, cushion pillows, etc that are used in different parts of a household.

Pillows can affect the condition of sleep very intensely as a wrong type of pillow will make you extremely uncomfortable.

Signs you are using the wrong pillows

  • Readjusting your position all through the night – People usually keep readjusting themselves all through the night when they are unable to sleep comfortably on a pillow. This can be due to several reasons such as hardness of the pillow or the pillow being too soft to provide ample support to your head.
  • Waking up with a neck pain – When you wake up the next morning with a pain in your neck often then you know that you are using the wrong pillow. It happens due to the fact that pillows lose their efficiency after about five years of extreme usage.
  • When your pillow changes color – You know that it is high time to change your pillows when they change their color from white to yellow. The change in color is due to the settling of dust mites and dead skin that we shed off when we sleep. An average adult human sheds about 10,000 dead skin cells every night which are eaten as food by mites that are present in pillow fibers and mattress fibers.
  • When you have used them for a long time – Pillows usually lose their efficiency after prolonged usage and exposure. If the last time you bought your pillows was over five years back then it is time to purchase some new pillows for that much needed sound sleep.

These are just some of the signs of using the wrong type of pillows that will eventually lead you to sleepless nights. But there are ways that you can use to prolong the life of your pillows very easily.

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Dream Supreme Plus Gel Fiber-Filled Pillows, Standard (Set of 2)Comfort U Pillow -For Total Body SupportSleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

How to prolong the life of pillows

There are various ways that you can prolong the life of your pillows and some of them are as follows:

  • Exposure to sunlight – Make sure to expose your pillows to sunlight every three months so that the sunlight and air can kill or blow away the mites and dead skin cells that have settled on them. Sunlight is also known to have the capacity of softening the fibers and warm them from the inside, so that when you rest your head on it you will sleep peacefully.
  • Washing – Every once in a while you can get your pillows dry cleaned from the professionals so that the fibers are not spoilt and the lives of your pillows are elongated substantially. Professional dry cleaners who have expertise in the field of cleaning pillows usually take extreme care while cleaning your pillows as they do not want them to get damaged in any way.
  • Changing pillow covers – It is very important to change the pillow covers regularly so that the dead skin cells cannot pass on from the covers to the fibers. This will in turn reduce and maintain the number of mites in your pillows rather than increasing them by feeding.
  • Flip the pillows – When sleeping on your pillows make sure to flip them at least once a night so that the fibers do not get crammed in the same position and lose their integrity.

These are some of the ways you can prolong the lives of your pillows easily and not have to replace them regularly. But it is advisable to purchase new pillows after they have been used for five years.

Sleep is very important when it comes to human life as that is the time when the body relaxes and rejuvenates itself completely. So it is very important to have the right kind of pillows and other sleepwear so that your sleep does not get affected. It is the only time of the day when the body gets complete rest without any disturbance. Hence the saying goes ‘sleep like a baby’ which means to sleep without a care in the world.