We all know skipping from our childhood and for most of us, it was a favorite activity when we were children. But, can skipping be taken seriously by adults and who can use it as a great tool to lose weight?

Well, according to health and fitness experts, that simple piece of exercise is known to be very useful in cutting down our weight and toning the body. It not only tones up the muscles, but also improves cardiovascular fitness muscle at the same time.

The answer to burning out calories swift and fast lies in 15-20 minutes of jumping a rope daily. This is a great workout if you are looking into serious weight loss.

The best part about jumping rope is that this is a great calorie-burner that doesn’t require too much of your time. Moreover, you do not need to invest in some expensive and special equipment. All you need is a simple rope and a good pair of jogging shoes to start.

Based on the weight as well as the duration of exercise and the weight loss goals, one can set the pattern and time of jump rope exercises. Just skipping for about 10 minutes can easily burn more than 100 calories!

As jump-rope involves almost every muscle in the body, there are more muscle working here and thus more calories burned One can vary the intensity of their rope jumping and do faster skipping to shed more calories.

Where you exercise

Where you exercise is very important too. Avoid jumping on carpet, concrete, grass, or asphalt. Go for a plywood or wood floor and look for at least four-by-six-foot area. If you have any doubts about rope jumping, it is best to consult your doctor about the high aerobic intensity of rope-jumping. Warming up, stretching and cooling down is important as with any other exercise.

How to jump

Stand comfortably and hold the rope carefully and firmly. You need to jump just about 1 to 2 inches off floor so as to give enough space to slip under feet. Keep the elbows close to the sides as you turn the rope. Just remember that the movement should come from the wrists and forearms and not from the shoulders. In case you are feeling very tired, you can drop the rope but keep arms and legs going.

How you skip is going to decide the impact on your body and the final results in weight loss. The real key lies in jumping properly. Stay on the toes and try to impact your heel when you walk or run. Make use of the natural shock absorbers in your body. The beginners are usually seen to jump higher than required. With practice and right guidance, you can find the right momentum for your body that can help in weight loss.

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Skipping is also good for fighting heart disease and improves the health of the heart. It builds body awareness and is a great skill for connecting the brain’s neurons. Start slowly as skipping is a strenuous exercise and raise the time as your fitness improves. You can try out different kinds of jumps so as to make the workout more interesting. Some good examples are skip jumping, single-leg skipping, jog jumping, hop jumping, etc.

Keep track of your progress and not down the time as to how long you jumped for, how difficult it was and your weight. The amount of burnt calories will of course depend on your body weight and the intensity of the exercise.

Do take note, however that doctor’s consultation is necessary if you are experiencing any health issues. While skipping has positive effects on health and weight loss, it is also necessary to be mindful of any pre-existing medical conditions that can worsen as skipping activities intensify.