Every woman would love to lay her hands on that tried and tested formula to get a slim waist and special exercises for weight loss. It is true that when we exercise regularly and check what we eat, we are sure to lose some of those fats and achieve the desired results. However, achieving that perfect tummy is easier said than done and most women give way after trying our different exercises and when they see no positive results. Let us learn about some waist slimming exercises that are sure to deliver what they promise.

One should know that those fats in the belly not only look gross but are also the most difficult to remove. It is the right of every woman on the planet to follow the right exercises for weight loss and get the best results. Who wouldn’t want to get that slim waist? There are some special exercises for weight loss and slimming down your tummy.

To induce weight loss, one must do brisk walking, running or cycling that works up a sweat and do that at least five times each week and for at least 30 to 60 minutes. The intensity of those waist slimming exercises should be kept from moderate to vigorous in order to raise the fitness levels and burn calories. One can also perform resistance exercises using their body weight and do at least 1 to 3 of eight12 reps of each exercise, focusing on each muscle group.

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Having the right mix of exercises

To have that perfect waist that is slim and flat, one needs to have the right mix of exercises. We should know how to target their core muscles and increase their metabolism at the same time. The waist slimming exercises focus on the right muscles, the obliques and the TVA and strengthen them to build a tighter and a slimmer waist.

Jumping jacks

One of the popular exercises is the jumping jacks, and it might seem a bit boring in the start, but this is a great flab burner. Add the key twist exercise to jumping jacks, and when you jump, your feet together and your twist at the hips. You just need to jump and twist to the left, center, and then to the right. These waist slimming exercises works the rotary function of the body’s core and help in burning calories. This is much more interesting than the simple jumping jack and is also great for cardio lovers.

Hip thrusts and burpees

Hip thrusts and burpees too are great for a complete body conditioning and work on every muscle groups in your. The hip thrust targets the muscles of your lower back and glutes, shaping them and making that waist appear smaller. Burpees are really great for your body and are commonly used by elite athletes, bodybuilders and physique competitors to supercharge and shape their bodies.


Crunches too are known among the leading exercises for weight loss. Look for the crunch exercises that focus on the abs and the muscles that run up your side, also known as obliques. Jumping rope too is a great one among the waist slimming exercises as it not only raises the metabolic rate, but also helps you burn down more calories and thus slim down at the waist.

Just exercising on your stationary bike while watching TV for about half an hour is not going to do much for your waist. Go for ab focused exercises and hit the right muscles that run up your side, as well as those deep, ‘corset’ muscles of the abdomen. Try to involve more muscles in your waist and follow some complex movements to burn out more calories during the workout. There are a vast number of waist slimming exercises out there that you can employ and target the core for general fitness and a slimmer waist.