If you think that going to gym and jogging or lifting weights are the only way to lose weight, you couldn’t be more wrong. You could spend the whole day inside your home and still manage to lose weight.

How? Well, just have a look at those household chores that you do every day. It could be dish washing, vacuuming, gardening and many other examples where one can burn some serious calories. Read on to learn about some common household chores that can help you lose weight at the same time.

Before we get down to some chores that can really help you burn calories, let us get an idea about as to how much activity would you need to lose weight. The average woman needs 1,600 calories per day while a man would need about 2,000 calories per day. If you are getting more calories than you are spending, it is bound to show as extra weight.

Yard work in your home offers some of the most laborious household chores and can help you melt away a lot of calories as well as tone up those muscles in your arms and legs.

Let us take a look at some of those household chores that can really help you burn calories.

Gardening and mowing the lawn

One of the fitness powerhouses in household chores is gardening and if you include weeding, it gets even better. You can easily burn 270 calories in an hour while working in their garden. Gardening for two hours can help burn away a good number of calories.

Mowing the lawn too can help you burn around 170 calories an hour and you can use a hand mower to burn 408 calories! Now you can see that why there is no need to go to an exclusive gym when you can get some great results in your backyard.

Rake leaves for half an hour to burn 225 calories. Just 30 minutes of digging in your backyard can help you get rid of about 315 calories. Digging vigorously tones up the muscles of your thighs, shoulders and arms. Plus, you also strengthen the cardiovascular system and raise the heart rate

Mopping and cleaning the house

We all need to keep our house clean and tidying the house can really help you get into shape as you can easily burn about 250 calories per hour. Mopping not only work your legs and strengthen your arms, but can also help burn around 238 calories per hour.

You can burn approximately the same amount of calories with an hour of vacuuming. Apart from mopping and cleaning the home, one can also shovel snow, which is lots of hard work, but can burn a whopping 475 calories.

Dusting burns about 50 calories for 30 minutes. Go ahead and clean the windows for about half an hour to burn 125 calories.

Washing the dishes and doing the laundry

Washing those dishes may not help lose serious weight, but can help burn those calories away. You end up burning about 85 calories in half an hour of dish washing.

Doing the laundry for an hour will help burn 68 calories. Although these two indoor household chores are not the most strenuous activity, but, one can still lose enough calories to get rid of weight. You can scrub the bath for half an hour to burn 200 calories.

Paint your house and rooms

Study shows that when you paint a room, you end up burning 306 calories in an hour. You can burn more calories in fixing up your home, refinishing furniture or laying a carpet. Avoid calling in the painter this year and try to do your home if you really are a DIY kind of person!

Apart from the above chores, one can indulge in some other household chores and duties like washing the car, that can help you burn about 150 calories. Carry your shopping bags to burn about 200 calories or make beds to burns 130 calories. This is very much like jogging on a flat ground for 15 minutes.

Now that you know the secret behind the fitness of your mothers and grandmothers, it is time to follow suit and keep in shape while doing all those chores and never going to gym.

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