Panic attacks are basically physical reactions that a person has to certain situations usually involving strong emotions like stress and fear. The physical reactions (some call symptoms) include muscle spasms, shortness of breath, nausea, vertigo and anxiety. There are no medical treatment as such available for panic attacks but one can handle a panic attack once they know what it is and what triggers them.

As is the case with most things, fear of the unknown is what gets to panic, thus, the more we about the triggers that cause the panic attacks, the better chances we have to prevent them. It always helps to when the reactions of the body is panic attack and when they are something else like conditions which need medical attention.

This ability to differentiate the two things is very important to analyze a situation and its effects on the body. If there is a genuine panic attack, detailed analysis of the situation and its consequences reveal a trigger. Although if a muscle spasm and anxiety from a physical exertion is considered as a panic attack rather than seeking medical attention, the effects are catastrophic.

Thus, to handle a panic attack, the most important task to be sure of what exactly is a panic attack and what is not.

People who understand panic attacks

We need to know that professionals are not magicians or super humans with special abilities. They are simple human beings like anybody but they have mastered themselves to understand their body and mind and their reactions to situations which cause the panic attacks.

There are different ways to conquer the mind and body. It does not mean in literal sense to bind them but just understand them in a way that makes them unique from others and provide them the necessary venting and relaxation techniques. There are different approaches to accomplish it and as every human being is unique, their reactions and relaxation techniques need to be tweaked accordingly.

Mind over matter

One of the most commonly used and suggested approach is ‘mind over matter’. This means that when one faces a situation that causes them to panic, they should focus their mind onto something else.

It is hardly as easy as being said that when your body is on the verge of collapsing and your mind tries to shut itself, one has to focus on another matter. A lot of control over the mind and lots of practice is required to have that kind of determination to fulfill the goal.

Fighting with sheer willpower and determination

An individual’s willpower and determination are their best allies in this fight of mind over body and a person has to really control their natural body reactions and force their mind with extreme willpower to focus on a situation other than the one in their face.

The most common method that help in gaining such control is meditation as it is a process in which the mind and body are relaxed and concentration is at its full peak. During meditation it is said that the body becomes a salve to the mind and can be controlled by it completely. Thus, it is this sort of control over the body is needed to have the ‘mind over matter’ method to work in regards to handle panic attacks.

There is another popular approach in which the professionals have ‘head on’ handle with the situation. It means that when faced with a situation that causes panic attacks to face it with so much determination and force that the body stops to panic and relaxes.

Similarly this is no easy feat to face one’s worst fears and fight it when the natural reactions of body and mind is to shut off. The professionals have to really practice a lot on their willpower, determination and self-worth. One has to be believe that they are stronger by themselves to allow a situation to make them quiver.

What you need to do to handle panic attacks

Everyone is capable of greatness and especially when it comes to matters about themselves, no one can help better than one’s ownself. It is exactly true when it comes to handling panic attacks. There is no one better who would understand why one’s body reacts in a certain way to specific situation and the ways to prevent it.

The reasons behind a person’s panic attack is best known to the sufferer as they are mostly hidden in their subconscious memory. The sufferer has to force it out of their subconscious mind and bring it onto the conscious mind and realize what it is that causes them to react so vigorously.

It is not a fun or easy process as the reasons in subconscious are usually a person’s worst fears and bringing them to the conscious mind and reliving them is not easy. But it something that is essential and once known, the reasons for the panic can be diminished by following any of the approaches mentioned like the professionals or adopt a new one unique to their needs.


Handling panic attacks are a very complicated, emotional, intense and personal process. To realize one’s fear, accepting it and fighting it takes a lot of willpower and determination. It has been mentioned in the beginning professionals are same as all but are different because they understand and work on themselves which make them special over a period of time.

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