Night time is the period of the day when the body has to be prepared to relax and wind down. The body has to understand the signals that it needs to let go of all the stress of the day and relax itself. The same is true for mind as well, so it can give the body right signals which is only possible when the mind also relaxes itself.

Eating is an important part of the relaxation process. Hence, it becomes important to know which food groups should be consumed at night and which should not be. The main objective is to relax the body and mind so they can recover and function to their optimal level.

Precautions at night meals

The most important ones to be avoided are carbohydrates and fats in the meal intake at night. The meals should be kept light and enjoyed over a span of time and not in a hurry.

Meals eaten too fast sends the message that the body is getting ready for some activity and which leads both body and mind to go on alert and become uptight. This serves the complete opposite purpose to our aim for the body and mind relaxation.

Also heavy and greasy meals make the body too full and mind works continuously to make itself comfortable, thus, again disturbing the relaxation pattern. The digestion of heavy meals take a lot of time and if had just before bed, it hinders the process of both digesting the food and sleeping.

Alcohol is a no no

The consumption of alcohol in copious quantities too late into night time should be avoided too. There are two reasons for this, firstly, though initially alcohol makes the person drowsy and might help to sleep, but will definitely not be a relaxed and rested one. Secondly, depending on the quantity the individual would have to get up frequently to visit the restrooms.

Night meals should be light meals like soup and salad or just a fruit and glass of milk.

Steps to help for a good night

There a few important steps that can be followed to get a well-rested and relaxed night. Meals should be taken at least a couple of hours before going to sleep. There should be different relaxing activities with the regular routine such as reading a good book, listening to some soothing music or night sky watching. There should be a regular routine followed strictly and not altered even for weekends. Check out the article on tips for having good night’s sleep too.

Sleeping times and waking times should be fixed and no stressful activities is to be undertaken just before or after bedtime. The meals at night should be kept light and no snack munching should be indulged in. The ambiance around the sleeping place should be kept relaxing and soothing and activities in the bedroom should only be limited to relaxing ones so that once there both body and mind get the message to relax.


We can conclude here that the type of food intake at night plays an important role in the relaxation of both body and mind during the night. Hence, it should always be considered carefully about what should be eaten at night and what should be avoided.

While it is important not to starve oneself, it is also a necessity to avoid foods that can cause bad bed times too.