As we all know that swimming helps in maintaining a healthy body and enhance the blood flow too but there are a host of other factors that helps our body. Swimming not only helps the body physically but it also helps in enhancing mental fitness and at times is said to have meditative qualities too.

Here are some of the ways that you will be surprised to learn how swimming can benefit you and your body:

Improved flexibility

Swimming provides the body with ample workout and flexes almost all the muscles in the body which makes the body more flexible. Unlike the gymnasium where you use mechanical equipments that is specifically built to exercise particular part of the body leaving the rest of the body at ease.

This is not the case with swimming as to stay afloat in water you will have to constantly move your feet along with your arms to keep moving forward or backwards in water. It stretches out the whole body as with each stroke you have to reach further.

Workout time

Since water supports the weight of our body completely, it becomes very easy for our body to extend the amount of time spent in working out. Also there are very low risks involved when swimming, it is remotely possible that a person can get injured in water as it provides a natural cushion to absorb any kind of impact.

It has been proven by scientists that an average person can burn about 700 calories by just swimming for an hour without feeling stressed. It has been found to be the best way for obese people to lose weight efficiently compared to other land based exercises where the risk of injury is quite high and getting positive results also takes time.

Improved breathing

The air around swimming pools are full of moisture that helps in breathing especially for people with asthma who cannot sustain their stamina inside a gym where the air is very dry.

Studies have shown that people who swim regularly can increase the capacity of their lungs by almost 30% as the muscles present in our lungs can breathe easily when the air is fresh and full of moisture. This intake of excess air also helps the flow of oxygen into our blood which in turn gives more energy and rejuvenates the body.

Muscle toning

Since water is almost 12 times denser then air, it takes more effort from the muscles to wade through it unlike any form of exercise on land. Working out in water also provides resistance to the body just like the weights present in the gymnasiums.

Submersion in water creates a more even, controlled resistance on the body so there’s no concern about having to count or equalize repetitions when it’s time for lifting. The amount of resistance is relative to how hard you are pushing against the water, this allows you to control the degree of pressure and helps prevent the possibility of injuring yourself through the use of heavy weights.

Improved mental health

As it is said over and over again that a healthy mind rests in a healthy body stands true for people who swim regularly. This is due to the fact that water acts as a natural stress buster and the continuous rhythmic strokes can have a healing effect on the mind just like meditation. Since it is a physical exercise, the meditative nature of swimming can go a long way in working out you body completely and also relaxing you at the same time.

Swimming is very easy and it comes naturally to most of the people with some practice and guidance. The benefits of swimming is apparent and it can serve as a good therapy session for people with pain.

That aside, developing the wrong techniques of swimming may cause more harm than good. Hence it is good to start off by learning the right ways of swimming as well as breathing techniques.

Have you gone for your swim today?