Do you really feel tired when you wake up in the morning? Millions of people around the world feel that way and they believe that they are certainly not in the right state to go ahead with their exercises. The problem is that people are not really focusing on having a proper lifestyle and therefore they end up getting less amount of sleep.

This ultimately leads to fatigue and body pain in the early hours of morning. While it might take some will power and determination but doing the right exercises can actually help you to get into the right mood and feel fresh early in the morning.

Jumping jacks

If you are feeling too tired to work out and exercise you can start with the easiest exercises of all that will charge you up in few minutes. All you need to do is start jumping and you can stretch your arms high above when you jump and spread your legs as well.

This simple exercise is called jumping jacks where you jump and spread your legs and stretch your arms up can get you charge in few minutes and it is also a good cardio exercise that is good for you in the morning hours. If you are not too good at it you can start with 10 jumping jacks in a set and try it for around 3 minutes.

Bicycle crunches

There are many people that want to make sure that they do not push themselves too hard early morning because they are feeling tired and sloppy. Bicycle crunches are easy and they can boost your body in no time so you can go ahead with it.

You can lie down on the exercise mat and put both your hands behind your head and pull up both your legs and then start cycling in the air. This exercise for 45 seconds can help you to feel better for more exercises ahead.

Ab planks

If you don’t want to try too hard you can also start your day with ab planks where you need to get on your hands and push up. This is simple and therefore you can go ahead with 10 ab planks in a set and you can try this for 5 minutes. This will help you to get the right adrenaline rush that you need in short time and you can proceed to higher level of exercises.


It is understood that sometimes the body might feel tired in the morning because of the lifestyle that we live, but you need to make sure that you do not miss out on the early morning exercises that can keep you fit and make sure that you are ready to handle your day in a better way.

You can try these simple exercises that you can do in the morning time or motivate yourself to do it and feel fresh and active. All these exercises can provide you with the right boost and energy that you need to get rid of fatigue and tiredness that you feel in the morning.