One of the funniest things about those who workout is that they succeed to build muscles on their arms and chest, looking truly attractive on the top half of their bodies, but completely forget to work on the lower half, so end up having skinny legs.

Skinny legs, which are also known as chicken legs, are funny looking especially when the individual is top-heavy. This is often due to complete neglect of the leg muscles or exercising the wrong way, so if this is a familiar issue, the information below should be very helpful.

Leg muscles

Leg muscles (See also the 7 strategies to slim thigh fats) pertain to the upper and the lower leg, which is divided by the knee. It is the largest group of muscles in the body and they are composed of the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and tibialis. They are one of the hardest muscles to work out and are not given much attention, so the best practice is to devote a specific time and session for the leg muscles.

Muscle building, be it for the legs or for other parts of the body is not always easy. The following are some of the common mistakes people make when working out:

  • If you are performing any exercise, make sure to devote your fullest potential, going as low as you can especially when squatting. Performing shallow squats or doing low energy exercises will be good for nothing, it would be better that you did not bother performing them at all.
  • If you are not feeling enough pain on your legs after the workout, you probably did not do enough. A properly performed workout should almost cripple you and make it hard for you to walk. If you are not in any pain, you need to check what you are doing.

Workouts to build leg muscles

  1. Squats – Squats are very good for the legs and there are different types of squats that may be performed to target specific groups of muscles. Full back squats, Bulgarian split squats are for total leg and body development; full frontal squats are good for the quadriceps muscles; other examples of squats are belt squats, ball squats and shingle leg squats—these may be performed with dumbbells for better results. Just as long as they are done properly, they can be very effective, otherwise they can cause injury to the knees.
  2. Walking – It is sound so simple but walking is not only easy to do, but it helps strengthen the bones when done in moderation. Walking is easy and one can choose to do more of it by opting to walk rather than taking a vehicle to travel short distances. Ditch the elevator and walk the stairs to exercise the leg muscles for needed bulk.
  3. Lunges – Leg lunges are also very good for building leg muscles. With a dumbbell on each hand, extend your leg forward, bending the knee on said leg and going as low as you can. Spread the weight on your entire leg and repeat it 8 to 5 fifteen times.
  4. Calf raises – To target the calf muscles specifically, calf raises could be performed. A standing calf raise is done with a machine; it is done with the knees bent slightly and the heels simply going up and down. A seated calf raise,also with a machine, is done with the legs set at a 90-degree angle and performed with the use of specific weights.
  5. Shingle leg dips – The shingle leg dip is very good for the hamstrings, thighs, hips and buttocks. Getting support from two sturdy poles on either side, position one foot slightly forward from the other and then go low. Freeze in that position for a while before going up again and resting for a bit. This is done on both legs and it should give proper tone on the leg and calf muscles.

Why be content with skinny legs when you it is possible to gain a sturdier stance with well-built leg muscles? With the right exercises, one can walk and sport firm and toned leg muscles that look absolutely fine.