Losing weight and trimming fat can be very hard to do. Sometimes, weight loss efforts will seem to be flowing really well but certain areas in the body will not be responding at all. Work is done so it is expected that results will follow, but the mirror will reveal the awful truth – flabby and loose arms.

How fat is accumulated

Fat accumulation may happen in various areas in the body. In men, the upper chest is a common area (hence the presence of so-called man-boob) but for women it is the upper arms.

Ideally, the arm muscles should be toned and filled into the skin. If the muscles are inactive and atrophied, skin will be loose and flabby. Age is often a cause of flabby arms. Elasticity becomes an issue and until proper measures are taken, it will continue to be a problem.

How to trim them

  • Eat right (Read also on “Discipline your Diet: 10 Foods for Effective Weight Loss“) – The food taken in is always found to translate to the body eating right will always do the trick. Choose lean protein, healthy fats and slow-burning carbohydrates because it will prevent unwanted build-up of fat on the arms. Fruits may seem healthy, but those with high sugar content should be avoided because sugars are retained in the body for longer. Sugar is the most important culprit for flabby arms so stay away from sweets, chocolates and candies because it can block off enzymes that work as natural fat-burners.
  • Lose weight – Flabby arms is nothing but an indicator of excess fat. Fat that is in excess are improperly stored in the arms and a perfect way to get rid of flabby arms will be to lose weight. There are proper ways to lose weight and this involves knowing how much you weigh initially, so that a proper goal or target could be worked. Record BMI weight and body fat percentage, then from these results determine a realistic weight loss goal.
  • Workout your arms – Exercising the arms regularly is essential to weight loss and there are specific exercises that are designed to target the arms such as push ups, tricep dips, French press, diamond push ups, dumbbell curls, bicep curls, lateral shoulder raise, pull ups, arm circles, side planks, front shoulder raise and triceps overhead press. Exercises are effective, especially if they are done properly and regularly. Commit enough time to exercise, doing it at shorter stretches with enough interval in between to allow the body to heal. Try to alternate between the different exercises described above to provide variation.
  • Commit to do cardiovascular exercises – Adding cardio exercises to workout routines may not directly target the arms but they will effectively work on toning the arm muscles by burning enough fat stored in them. The ideal setup is to devote a two-day interval to weight training and workouts, to make room for cardio exercises such as running, spinning, dancing and so forth.
  • Hydrate religiously – Water is very important and it is valuable even when trying to get rid of flabby arms. Water cleanses and gets rid of unwanted toxins that can be causing the accumulation of fat in the arms and other parts of the body. Drink enough water, as much as eight glasses, so that the body could be cleaned.

Having a hard time dealing with flabby upper arms? Tired of always trying to cover up and staying away from sleeveless tops that expose massive arms? The solutions described above are very useful and can surely do the trick. Here’s wishing you success in your quest to trim flabby arms.