Some people are born tall and they tower graciously over everyone else, even at a younger age. Some people grow in height a little earlier than others, some achieve their maximum height at a later age, and some never seem to reach ideal height – and that is a sad fact, especially for men.

Those who are lucky go one and enjoy their height advantage, as well as all the other benefits that come with it. The rest will have to be content or they will explore various means to correct it and basketball is believed to be one method.

How To Grow Taller

Playing Ball

Basketball is a sport that involves running around with a ball. Players are divided into two teams and members pass around a ball to be able to shoot hoops and score points, while the opponents try their hardest to keep players from landing a shot.

It is a team sport, enjoyed by many and it is believed that height increase may be achieved by the continuous playing of the sport:

  1. Jumping helps in height increase – Basketball involves a lot of jumping and all the jumping can lead to height increase. The body is filled with nerves and some of the nerves in the feet are connected to the pituitary and thyroid glands – responsible for growth. With all the jumping enjoyed with the sport, exact stimuli is traversed through body, activating hormones necessary for height increase.
  2. Growth plate stimulation initiates height gain – Within the body, especially the legs, there are growth plates that jumping can activate. Jumping increases the fluid-flow within the plates and stimulates growth needed for height gain.
  3. Stretching help increase height – Basketball involves a lot of stretching. From the exercises performed before the game to the actual stretching involved in defensive and offensive play, height gain could be enjoyed.

Height is an indirect indication of power so it is not surprising that some people work hard to gain the height increase they deem fit for their built. Height increase is natural achieved by the body through the growth hormone but when this has been suppressed, problems arise. In this article, the role that basketball plays in height control is explained. Following the tips discussed should help make a height difference.

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How To Grow Taller