It has never been easy to quit smoking. The addiction gets stronger with time and at one stage it simply seems impossible for one to get rid of this addiction. There have been medications and nicotine replacement therapies that promise the chances that a smoker will quit successfully. But, what is the reality behind these assertions and can one really get rid of smoking completely the help of a nicotine patch? Read on to learn more.

With a growing awareness about the negative effects of smoking as well as benefits of quitting smoking, we find a large number of options available in the market to help the masses. It is seen that personalized treatment plans that have been customized to a smoker’s needs and preferences work best and offer good results. There are a large number of quitting resources and medications available in the market such as nicotine products & drugs, nicotine patches, inhaler, gum, mouth spray, etc. There are many benefits of quitting smoking that not only include a positive impact on your health but also on your wallet.

What is a nicotine patch

The nicotine patch is a type of quit medication that can be easily bought from your pharmacy and without a prescription. As there is only clear nicotine in the patch, it means that there are no other toxins that are found in tobacco and lead to the ill effects of smoking. All you need to do is stick the patch to your skin as a bandage, and your body will get slow and steady release of nicotine. This will help reduce any cravings and minimize those withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine patches increase chances to quit smoking

Research has shown that you can increase the chances of quitting successfully with the help of nicotine patches. Moreover, the patch is easy to use and anyone can simply put it on and forget about it. This is especially beneficial for those heavy and chain smokers who need a steady release of nicotine in their body.

You are able to deal with those withdrawal cravings, irritability and anxiety easily with the help of the nicotine patch. Depending on the intensity of tobacco abdication, you can pick the strength of the dosage. It is best to consult pharmacist and doctor to get the suggested dosages.

Another of the major benefits of quitting smoking is that these treatments and replacement therapies not only help the smoker quit successfully, but also help minimize weight gain. This is good news for all those smokers who want to kick the habit. Weight gain and smoking have long been linked and it is true that four out of five smokers gain some weight and gain between 4-10 pounds on average. Weight gain is one of the main negative effects of smoking.

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The ultimate way to quit smoking

When making use of a nicotine patch to get rid of smoking habits, it is also essential to be aware of the common side effects of its uses. Some people may get cold or flu-like symptoms and headaches. There might be sleep problems, anxiety and dizziness. Some might have to deal with stomach upset and mild itching where the patch is placed in the first hour. There might be a redness of the skin when the patch is removed. In case you feel palpitations, irregular heartbeat or pain in the legs on removal of the patch, consult your doctor.

The idea behind is simple and to help smokers manage withdrawal systems when they quit smoking as well as get more aware on the benefits of quitting smoking. Nicotine patches are by far healthier and safer than cigarettes and one can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine. This is an easy and effective way to get free of cigarettes and get away from the negative effects of smoking Nicotine replacement therapies are far safer than smoking and the quit success rates have been very impressive.

Availability of nicotine patches

Nicotine patches are available over-the-counter. You can use nicotine replacement therapy on its own or in combination with other therapies like gum, lozenges or nasal sprays. These efforts are certain to improve long-term quit rates. However, one is not expected to smoke while using nicotine replacement therapy and one must quit tobacco before taking any form of nicotine.

According to the experts, you should not rush in to get off a nicotine replacement. It is common to find people stopping too early and then they find it too hard to resist cravings. You can opt for gum or lozenges once you have stopped the use of nicotine patches, in order to take care of intense craving.

It is much safer to keep on using the patch rather than go back to cigarette smoking. Enjoy the benefits of quitting smoking and get aware of the negative effects of smoking. Focus on the reasons as to why you want to quit and remain committed to stop smoking. Think about the success you have achieved so far and be proud of what you achieved. Talk to you doctor, pharmacist in case you need more help with your efforts to quit smoking and remain positive and self-motivated.