When speaking of food, weight gain is almost always the automatic destination. The food taken in gets translated on the body, especially the belly, so most people try to avoid overeating to lose weight.

That is true as cutting down on food will result to weight loss, but eating the right food can also do wonders for the body, even the belly fat. There are such things as fat burning foods and by taking in more of these kinds of substances, the stubborn fats are properly taken care of. It does not always mean one has to starve to be able to enjoy a perfect body. It is more about eating the right foods at the right amount – and being equipped with this information guarantees victory over belly fats (Read also “Burning Belly Fat: Easier than what You Think“).

Foods That Burn Belly Fats

A good fat burning diet should include any of the following food substances:

  1. Chilli peppers – Chilli peppers contain capsinoids that is a good fat burning agent. It is best enjoyed by individuals with BMI registered at above 25. Most weight gain issues are related to lowered metabolic rates. Chilli peppers increase boost metabolism and by adding more chillies into dishes, weight loss and fat burning is increased significantly. A teaspoon of peppers a day can help burn as much as 10 to 20 calories per day. The proper regulation of chilli intake can definitely help get rid of extra pounds of fat.
  2. Sauerkraut – Popular as a topping on hotdogs, but more than adding taste to certain meals and dishes, sauerkraut contains bacteria that is able to enhance the body’s digestive properties and also helps in reducing belly inflammation.
  3. Whey protein – Whey, especially when taken alongside rounds of exercise, can be a very good fat burning agent. Whey can help build muscle and when muscle is built on the body it can burn fat by taking its place. Of course it will be essential that a proper dose of whey is taken daily: it should not be too much or too little, so that the full effect could be enjoyed.
  4. Soluble fiber – Fiber is a very effective weight loss partner because it helps in digestion. Whole grain products, oat bran, apples, ground flaxseed and vegetables are good sources of fiber. They are good for weight control, digestion and will help keep the individual properly satiated without leaving bulky pouches on the belly. Women are encouraged to taken in as much as 25 grams of fiber and men should take in 30 grams.
  5. Miso soup – Miso soup is not only good in warming up your tummy, but a bowl of miso soup can also help flatten your belly. It is a good source for Vitamin B12 which is very excellent in metabolizing carbohydrates and fats in the diet, so incorporating much of it for your daily meals will be very good. It will control overindulgence, by keeping your full and helps in digestion.
  6. Lean meats – Meat does not have to be fattening, especially when you enjoy the right portions. Lean meats are high in protein which helps build muscle and they are thermogenic, so they can effectively burn as much as 30% of the caloric intake per meal.

Fat Burning Supplements

There are also fat burning supplements that can help hasten the process of fat elimination in the body. Take this alongside your diet and see better results:

  • Forsklolin – Taken from the roots of mint plants, it is effective in breaking down stored fat in the body. When taken in regulation, it is able to release fatty acids that increases thermogenesis that helps in fat burning.
  • 7-Keto – A by product of DHEA, it helps to stimulate the thyroid so that metabolic rate is effectively boosted and one is suddenly running like a well-oiled machine.

Who said belly fats have to be treasured and kept? Getting rid of excess baggage in the tummy is not always easy, but it is not impossible. With the right exercise and with the right diet (Read on “Start the Diet with Healthy Meals“), the fats can be burned and eliminated. Start burning belly fat today!