Air conditioning is basically keeping a room temperature regulated usually to maintain a comfortable environment and the use of air conditioners facilitate the circulation of air within a room while maintaining the temperature of a room.

It is necessary that there is no exchange of air into the room from any other source, hence, an air conditioned room is kept isolated. The doors and windows are kept closed and no passage of air is allowed to and from the room.

Similarly, it is advisable to always to keep the temperature in the room moderate so that the difference between the environment inside and outside is not extreme in order to avoid the sudden change that body endures even if one ventures between the two environments for short intervals.

But it is also advised not to stay in an air conditioned room for extended period of time as the moisture from the body is extracted and dry skin along with eyes are consequences that can be seen.

Therefore, it is always good to have moderately conditioned room environment so short breaks can be taken and ventured out of it without any sudden impact from extreme change. It is difficult to perspire in an air conditioned room but if one starts to they should always leave the room and venture into an area with fresh air.

Why do we use air conditioners?

The main reasons to use air conditioners are to keep the room at comfortable climate and to avoid exposure to extreme ones. The extreme climatic conditions both; heat and cold; have adverse effects on the human body.

Extreme heat have reactions such as dehydration from excessive sweating in humid climate while dry heat waves along with high temperatures causes heat stroke and dizziness.

The extreme cold climates also cause shivering and cold strokes when one is exposed to chilliness with improper protection of clothes. Hence, in both conditions it is important to keep houses temperature regulated. Air conditioned rooms give the required comfort to the body from the extreme climate.

Also there is the need to relax and recharge the body which is only possible when the mind knows that it is not in an uncomfortable zone. Thus, an air conditioned room provides the desired comfort to both; body and mind; to relax even in extreme climatic conditions.

What do you need to do in air conditioned rooms

There are few important things to remember when an individual resides in an air conditioned room. They are:

  • Always stay hydrated as the moisture from the body is extracted by the air conditioner. Plenty of fluids should be drunk during the stay in the air conditioned room.
  • If there is any sort of perspiration felt, it is essential for the individual to leave the room. It is done for two reasons, firstly it means the body is an uncomfortable environment and responding to a stimuli when it should not. Secondly, the smell of perspiration remains in the room if the individual continues to stay as there is no circulation of air from anywhere else. The same air is circulated and will make the room smelly and uncomfortable.
  • It is required to take a break every couple ours from a temperature controlled environment into a fresh one to give the body a chance to moisturise itself and get rid of the extra dryness specifically from the eyes and skin.
  • There temperature should be kept at moderate to maintain a normal temperature environment rather too cold or too hot. Both the extremes are uncomfortable and makes a significant difference from the climatic conditions outside the room.


As we have already read that air conditioned room help us endure extreme climates and is a beneficial aspect of modern technology. Similarly, perspiration in the room would be harmful to both the individual as well as others in the same room. Thus it is advisable not to enter an air conditioned room after extreme sports that make you perspire (check out also the benefits of perspiration).