Exercise is an activity in which our body goes through mostly physical movements, usually in a specified pattern. It is of different kinds such as aerobic exercise, athletic exercise, etc.

There are other forms of exercise such as yoga which usually needs a trainer as there is a specific pattern that needs to be followed from beginning to the end that comprises of both initiation of the exercise process, the whole exercise routine as well as the relaxation of the muscles afterwards.

Effects of exercise

During these processes the body responds by releasing chemical toxins and generates heat. These responses help the body in many ways such as the heat generated helps to reduce extra fat from body and the toxins released are waste for the body. It becomes important to get rid of these so as to achieve the final aim of the process which is to release stress from the body.

The oxygen used in the muscles have to be replenished as well to avoid muscle cramps. Thus, the tensed muscles after exercises have to be soothed and relaxed by different methods.

Methods of muscle relaxation

The common methods of practice for relaxing muscles are stretching before and after workouts, heavy breathing, drinking lots of fluids and hot bath or sauna. Each of these methods serve different purposes towards relaxing the tensed muscles.

There are other methods for relaxing muscles as well such as meditation and listening to music. The factors which contribute towards a healthy body thru exercise which includes regularized routine, proper sleep patterns and a healthy lifestyle. Different people relax in different ways so the effects of each method are different on each individual.

Reasons for muscle relaxation

Stretching before workouts help the muscles prepare itself for strenuous exercises by generating heat and after workouts help the muscles to gradually make the muscles to end a routine. Breathing helps the oxygen to be replenished whereas fluids help in flushing out the toxins released within the body. Drinking water helps with flushing the toxins whereas juices and drinks such as Gatorade provides the body with some of the used minerals and vitamins.

Hot bath or sauna helps to circulate the heat generated in certain parts of the body to the whole body which relaxes the muscles and helps the heat generated to be released as body fluids mostly as sweat. Muscles also needs the recovery time especially for individuals who undergo heavy weights training or involve an exercise regime of muscle stress.

The heat generated during the exercise process and toxins released are the desired of end products of an exercise regime. To fulfill its purpose, the muscles have to be relaxed for the heat to be circulated all through the body to be released as sweat along with the toxins in the blood stream.


There are different ways to accomplish the aim of muscle relaxation adopted by individuals on the basis of their work out regime and most suitable results. It is important for individuals to understand their body and realize which method works best for them to soothe the tensed muscles. Methods like deep breathing, stretching, sauna and hot bath are the generally successful ones which work on major portion of the population.

Exercises on the other hand, keeps a person healthy and in order to have a perfect health, it is important to relax the muscles afterwards. It is well known that a healthy mind resides in healthy body and regular exercise and followed by relaxation of muscles contributes in a big way towards keeping a healthy body.