We all would like to remain healthy and maintain our weight. We put in efforts and hope to see those numbers lower on the scale every time we weigh-in. Sometimes people go to extreme levels in order to achieve weight loss and would even make use of dangerous drugs or supplements (see also another post on weight loss pills) to get the results. These habits can only prove to be detrimental to our health in the long run.

However, most of us do not understand that it is possible to attain the weight loss goals by making small changes to your diet and exercise program. One can certainly speed up weight loss successfully and naturally as natural weight loss is the best way to go. Read on to learn more.

Now that you have decided to lose weight and want to do it naturally, set up some achievable goals and get into the action. Avoid short cuts and look for healthy weight loss practices that come with new, healthier, habits. The industry of weight loss is growing at a fast pace, and one comes across loads of CDs, DVDs, body wraps, personal coaches, food supplements that promise easier, quicker and reliable weight loss.

Billions of dollars are expended yearly in the US alone on products and services related to weight loss. Some of these may even include medical procedures and pharmaceuticals. Still, we find the problem of obesity tuning epidemic and the overweight population on the rise.

Let us take a look at some of the safe weight loss techniques that can certainly lead to fruitful results in the long term and prevent those pounds from coming back.

Get sufficient sleep

Recent studies have revealed that most of us skimp on sleep in order to squeeze in time for those numerous tasks. The duration of sleep in the current generation of population has been decreasing steadily over the last couple of decades. Most of us are not getting complete sleep, and a recent study shows that people who sleep for 5 hours or less a night are likely to put on pounds as compared to those who get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep.

There is a strong association between sleep and our weight. Lesser sleep leads to greater food intake. Thus, if you are seeking natural weight loss that is permanent in the long run, get sufficient sleep. Make sure that you are getting about eight hours of sleep every night if you’re an adult.


Another of natural weight loss techniques to follow is the age old rule to exercise. Most of us criticize about lack of time and leads a particularly sedentary lifestyle. Stop making those lame excuses and there is no need to go to expensive gyms in order to exercise. One can make simple changes in their daily lifestyle so as walking to the grocery store or their office instead of taking the car. Get up and walk for 15 minutes during breaks at work too can help you with your weight-loss and improve your health.

Exercise releases mood-boosting chemicals and thus leaves you healthier and happier. You feel more self-assured about yourself and are able to enforce better control over your calorie intake. Find an exercise that you love doing. It could be rope jumping or jogging in the prettiest neighborhood in your town.

Take a look at your eating habits

It is correct that most of us tend to believe that we are eating moderately and need not worry about our weight. But, the truth is we have little awareness about the quantity of calories we are taking in every day. Eating healthy food doesn’t mean to diet or starve yourself. You should go in for a safe weight loss and look for a healthy way to lose weight naturally.

Depriving yourself of food will only be terrible for your body and have the opposite effect on your weight loss goals. Eat only to please your hunger and not for taste. Avoid eating when you’re not hungry and try to induce small changes when looking for comfort foods. Find things to do and substitute in place of the junk food you like. Eating the healthier foods is very important here and your body loves lots and lots of veggies and fruits. Get the right amount of protein and carbohydrates too.

Drink sufficient water

When it comes to getting rid of weight naturally, keeping our body well hydrated has many benefits. Water is a natural weight loss drink and it is suggested that one drinks at least 8 glasses a day to keep metabolism high and active.

Drinking water can help speed up weight loss as well as make one feel energized. It also helps to remove the toxins in our bodies and it helps as some of those toxins slow down weight loss.

Always eat breakfast and don’t skip meals

Skipping meals and particularly breakfast is not a good idea and this will have the opposite effect on your natural weight loss goals. If you think you are skipping calories by skipping meals, think again as your body will store more calories. If you skip one meal, you are more likely to eat larger portions and tend to eat more at lunch and dinner if you skip breakfast. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and your meal with soup or salad so as to fill your stomach more on lower calorie food before you get to the main course.

Schedule your meals

For a sure or safe weight loss it is much healthier to have 5 or 6 smaller meals in place of 3 large meals. This will keep your metabolism boosted and it will also be easier to make conscious health choices and stick to your weight-loss plan. If you eat a meal that’s laden with calories, you can balance out by eating low-fat and sugar meals for the next few days. Go for maximum servings of veggies and fruits so as to get all the nutrients and fewer calories.

Get walking

Another safe weight loss means is to walk a lot and whenever you can, and especially when the weather is nice. Even a 10 minute walk will not go waste. Avoid taking the elevators and take those stairs. Get out of the office building form time to time and enjoy those brief strolls. Another good way is to get off the bus earlier before few stops and walk to your office or home. Sign up for charity walks and include walks in your daily routines. This is one of the most effortless way to natural weight loss.
Make slow changes in your lifestyle and dietary habits. Keeping that weight off naturally is possible and with permanent results. Start off by making small changes and with persistence and continues efforts, you are sure to get the results you are looking for.

For example, simple changes like switching from butter to olive oil as your cooking medium and adding 15 minutes of exercise routine to your day can lead to the weight loss results you are looking for. One of the sure shot ways to safe weight loss is to know exactly how many calories one consumes and exercise to lose more calories. One should know how to encourage faster results and speed up weight loss successfully and naturally.

Desperate to lose weight? Check out the best ways to do so today.

Desperate to lose weight? Check out the best ways to do so today.

Just keep the above tips in mind and let your body adapt to your new fitness routine. Look for new exercise routines to challenge different muscles and alternate your workouts regularly. When exercising, it is a good idea to mix aerobic exercise with strength training to speed up weight loss naturally.

Walking, swimming, running and biking are some popular form of aerobic exercises. Look for moderate as well as high-intensity workout levels to be particularly effective to induce natural weight loss.