One of the major health tip that people are generating money from are the various ways to slim down tummy fat. Tummy fats are the most stubborn muscles in the body which do not want to get rid of the excess fat instead it wants to keep storing over fats over it.

To get rid of these stubborn abdominal fats heavy exercising might not reap required or expected benefits instead it will just wear you down until you quit.

You might ask what is the best way to get rid of tummy fats and have that flat belly you always wanted, well here are the top 5 tips that will help you reduce your tummy fats and achieve that beautiful body you always wanted.

  1. Check your BMI – Before you start any sort of exercise check your BMI (Body Mass Index) which will give you the accurate measurement of the amount of excess fat in your body. Although it will give you an overall measurement in percentage, the maximum amount of saturated fats is stored in the abdominal area. It is also important to bring your weight to the ideal range according to your weight before you start with slimming down tummy fats as overweight or underweight people find it rather difficult to shed those excess fats that are stored in some specific parts of the body especially the tummy area. Ideally the BMI should be around 18-20% for an athletic body but it can be stretched to around 22% but one has to keep an eye on the diet religiously if they want to maintain the right index.
  2. Eating right and exercising – When it comes to flat tummy, most people think that starving the body would do wonders, well here is a reality check – it won’t. Starving the body will only make you crave for food and induce make you unhealthy as toxins will start forming in the body. So it is extremely important to eat the right kind of food along with regular exercise to get rid of the tummy fat. Eat a balanced that consists of vegetables, fruits, poultry and dairy products which are easily burned down by the body whereas excess sugar and fat rich food must be avoided as far as possible. Trans fat which is present in most preserved or packaged food must be avoided at all cost as these trans fat are the ones which cannot be processed by our body easily and gets settled as fats in our body.
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol – Alcohol increases the sugar level in the body by absorbing water from the body which in turn will make you dehydrated. As we all know that dehydration is directly related to tiredness and laziness which is why it should be avoided at least till the time you lose the tummy fat. People have a notion that smoking cigarettes makes you thinner but it is far from the truth, smoking does curb the hunger temporarily but it also enhances the possibilities of stress which can wreak havoc in the functionality of various organs. Smoking also makes one tired easily as the stamina of the body is reduced substantially as the capacity of lungs in decreased by tar deposit. Both alcohol and cigarettes must be kicked to slim down tummy fats easily.
  4. Swimming – One of the best ways to slim down tummy fat is by swimming – as all the muscles in the body gets stretched and toned with this exercise. Swimming is a great method to relax as well as exercise without any effort as our body gets almost 12 times lighter in water which makes it very easy to do various exercises which otherwise is next to impossible on land. Imagine burning through 700 calories just by swimming for an hour everyday which not only tones and flattens your tummy but also gives your confidence the boost of flaunting your body as it goes through the transition.
  5. Avoid eating out – Another easy way to make sure that right type and amount of food going into your body is by eating home cooked meals. Restaurants and other food joints usually load their food with carbs and sugar along with preservatives that make their food tasty. If you have to eat out some time then make sure that you have only a bite or two as you will be able to taste the food but not ingest the calories that come with it. Also it becomes easier to shed these little calories easily the next day by working out.

Slimming down your tummy fat to attain that flat look is not an easy job but if and when it is done correctly by following what has been highlighted above, the process will become more enjoyable rather than painstaking.

If in case you are not able to flatten your tummy fat by following these tips then it is advisable to seek help from a medical expert as you might be facing some health issues.