When trying to build muscle, it is often easier to miss out that to do things right. A lot of people build muscle, but they do it wrong and either bulk up the wrong way and on the wrong places or never achieve the bulk needed.

Why We Need Muscles

The muscles in the body give it form and substance. The bulk of the muscles afford enough support for the delicate internal organs in the body; and it also support the skin so that it does not fall loose on the body.

When trying to build muscle, it is important that success is claimed through the safest way possible, to avoid complications and health risks. The following tips and tricks should help make things easier:

  1. Alter your diet – Your diets play a big role in muscle building. To see an increase in muscle mass, you will need to work on the following changes:
    • Increase your protein intake at 1 to 2 grams for every pound. This means that a person weighing 150 pounds, should be eating 150 to 300 grams of protein in a day.
    • Have a protein shake (Read “Are Protein Shakes Beneficial for Weight Loss?“). Not only to boost protein-intake, substitute one or two meals a day to a protein shake to better control what is taken in.
    • Boost caloric-intake to as much as 500-1000 calories. Like if the individual is are already taking in 1500 calories at the moment, increasing to 2000 should do wonders.
    • Eat in regular intervals. Apart form increasing the amount of food taken in, the frequency of meals should be increased too.
    • Break meals to five or six smaller meals, a day, instead of three.
    • Eat fat. There is good and bad fat, and good fat such as omega-3 fats is rich in vitamins and minerals needed for muscle building.
  2. Take vitamins – It is not always easy to obtain the right things in the food taken in, so the intake of vitamins is essential. A well-balanced meals is very important in muscle building, so taking a multivitamin supplement will equip your diet properly.
  3. Hydration is a must – The water is very important and for someone who is trying to build muscles, water is necessary. To properly compute for acceptable water-intake in ounces, you multiple weight in pounds with 0.6.
  4. Exercise right and responsibly – Another very important aspect of muscle building is exercise.
    • Warm up before exercise and workouts. Warming up is essential regardless of how heavy the work intended to be done. When you start with a low intensity workout, the muscles are readied for the work that is to come. This effectively avoids injuries.
    • Cut down on cardio. Cardio training is essential for burning calories and this is not good when the desire is to gain muscle. Cardio is still essential but done in moderation, at about half an hour, 3 times a week.
    • Workout in intervals. When working out, set it in intense short intervals because it helps build endurance. Limit schedules to just 45 to 60 minutes a day, but strive to do it for 4 to 6 days a week.
    • Rest after workouts. When the goal is to build muscles, it is necessary that rest is part of the routine to give way for the body to recover and repair itself.
  5. Know the right exercises – It is important that not only enough time is given to working out, but the right exercises on the right parts of the body are performed. A trainer should be able to provide a guide or a program to work specific muscles groups:
    • Work on the pecs by doing chest exercises: bench press, push ups and weight lifting on incline bench.
    • Work on your biceps through arm exercises: dumbbell arm curls and individual arm curls.
    • Work on abdominal muscles with core exercises: standard/oblique crunches.
    • Work on the triceps using arm exercises: dips, chest dips on dip machine, skull crushers and overhead dumbbell press.
    • Work on the quad and hamstrings using squats: standard squats, front squats, Belgian squats with a dumbbell.

There are number of ways that muscles may be built, but some methods involve some heath risk. Avoid cutting corners when attain such goals because problems are encountered more this way. Building muscles can be tough, but it is a lot easier to accomplish when done properly. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above could help.

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