Building muscles seem easy when looking at the many muscle men around, but the real story is far more complicated than just bulking and increasing in size. As a matter of fact, more people strike out than achieve victory. Some people either never see their bodies grow or some would be growing muscles in the wrong areas.

The truth is this: one cannot go into a gym, pick up a few weights and expect to see results. The work is not easy and if victory is to be claimed it is important that mistakes are avoided.

Doing it the wrong way

Muscle building fails (Read “5 Quick Tips to Build Muscles Safely“) because the individual understands it wrongly or is just doing things another way around. The following are some of the common mistakes people make during working out:

  1. Eating wrong – In working out there such a thing as eating too much and eating too little. Most people are much to afraid to eat, so they cut down. A smart person will know that success in this sense is all about eating the right things: the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and so forth. Cutting down on calories to lose weight fast is not good because the end result is not lean and toned, but shapeless and fat. Eating less also results in the lowering of metabolic rate and the overall deterioration of the body’s ability to naturally burn.
  2. Not committing fully on the job – In building muscle and working out, one needs to fully commit and not just get into things, half-heartedly. This means that workout schedules have to religiously kept, bad and unhealthy habits have to be avoided and a strict and healthy diet needs to be observed. There is no such a thing as an uncontrolled binge during a cheat day, where all is forgotten. It calls for discipline and commitment, so half-committing is not committing at all.
  3. Slaving in the gym – Many people think that if they spend every minute of their time in the gym, working out, results could be guaranteed. “No pain, no gain”, like punishment is synonymous to success when the truth is that it does not have to be this way at all. By training too long the muscles are exhausted to a limit, they are not given enough time to recover. Effective muscle building goes through effective and productive breaking and building of muscle – and there are no two ways about it.
  4. Exercising variation – One of the many problems people encounter in muscle building is encountering the plateau. At first things are going smoothly: weight is dropping, energy and increasing and muscle is building on the right places—but things just stop. Those who are unlucky plateau and never move on from it anymore. One cannot keep doing the same exercises and expect to continue seeing magnificent muscle building results. Plan workouts so that proper intervals are given and variety is afforded. Alternate between muscle groups so that while one is being worked, the other one is recovering and so forth. There are a number of muscle building workouts and exercises that can be followed; try to alternate between different routines to get better results.
  5. Bad form during workouts – When utilizing workout machines or lifting weights, having a bad form should be avoided because not only will this lead to injury or accidents, but when these things are used improperly, it may be impossible for muscles to be built effectively. As much as working the right areas is important, it is also necessary that proper work is done and in proper form so that results are as superb as expected.

Doing it the right way

Working out and building muscles the right way is not very hard to master. It is a combination of a few things: balanced diet, high intensity interval training, commitment and dedication. There are no shortcuts to success and the same is true for muscle building.