Exercising is more work to most people than anything. Speak of exercising and some people express complete rejection of the thought. Exercise is mostly perceived as work and pain by many. The mere lifting of single weighted object seems impossible, how do you expect for one to complete a workout session?

Exercising is a chore and it is not easy to do chores, but there are thing you can do to make it more favorable and easy for you to do. Let’s take a quick look…

  1. Keep your eye on the prize – The most basic motivational technique is to constantly envision the end-result of the work. You want a body as perfect as the models in magazines? You want to wear your new bikini on your next beach trip? You want to sport a finely sculpted body? You can cut photographs of idols or so-called “thinspirations” to serve as motivation. If it is possible, plaster an old photo of your fitter and sexier self, before all the weight gain and let it serve as motivation. Surely exercising is tough and sweating is not fun, but you have to keep your eye on the prize and make all the sweat worth it.
  2. Start a competition with friends or family – Competitions are often a good motivation to be active about anything because winning is always a tasty treat the end, regardless of the prize. If you can round up a group of friends or family members who want to lose weight and commit to an exercise regime, start a competition between you and make exercising more interesting. Competitions truly bring out the competitive edge in people and when you make it all about winning, you will see people really perform towards the win.
  3. Prepare a progress report – Writing a progress report works wonders because it follows both sides of your journey. It plots both your success and failure, so that you can properly visualize how well or how poorly you are doing. By seeing that you are doing well, you are motivated to keep on performing to achieve better results and to get to better heights. By seeing that you are doing poorly, you are given a mild kick on the backside, so you would proceed to perform better. A progress report can include photos, size measurements, weight measurements, BMI calculations and so forth.
  4. Join an exercise class – It is not always easy to exercise on your own. If this is a dilemma you always face, you can make a decision to enroll yourself in exercise classes. This could an aerobics class, a dance class, a body combat class, a spinning class and so forth. The good thing about a class is that you are working with a group of people and you are working with a teacher who can motivate you to perform better and to be stronger.
  5. Make it public – When you make your workout public, you are making it known to everyone that you have put yourself up for a challenge and you intend to see things through. Because you have an audience (See article on “How Friends can Help you Lose Weight“), you will be committed to really work towards your goal. You are doing things not only for yourself anymore because you have chosen to involve others through your blog, your Facebook account or any other social networking site. The comments and messages you receive will really motivate you to continue with what you are doing.

It is not easy to make a commitment to exercise but once you make that decision, you will be well on your way to achieving the impossible. Burn calories in the gym or perform easy exercises at home – it does not really matter, just as long as you are able to sweat.