Sleep is one of most important part of a person’s daily life. It affects how one feels about the day and the way they tend to shape up. And it is a known fact that it is very important to have proper sleep for everyone to function optimally.

In today’s world where people work on a global clock it becomes difficult to follow a traditional pattern of sleeping cycle which have resulted in an increase in depression, weight gain / loss, insomnia and anxiety levels mainly within the working generation.

Hence, extensive research has been done on the reasons behind sleep deprivation and solutions to them. The reasons identified have been irregular lifestyle, stress, anxiety and lack of relaxation methods. With that, here are four simple tips for a good night’s sleep.

Regular sleep pattern

It is essential to have a regularized sleep pattern which comprises of specific sleep-wake up cycle. It means that there is consistent pattern in which a person goes to bed at a certain time and wakes up at a particular time too.

It helps the biological clock to stabilize and the body knows when it is expected to wind down and when to be alert and active.It is of utmost importance to follow the cycle even on weekends and vacations, although it might seem irrelevant and inconsequential about small changes to the routine especially for small period of time.

A normal adult requires about eight hours of sound sleep at night and to compensate for any lack it should not be compensated by changing the sleep cycle but rather by taking small nap in the early day time. Napping is only advisable if it is limited to a maximum of thirty minutes and the person can no trouble falling asleep or else napping can askew the sleeping pattern even more.

Regular physical exercise and comfortable surroundings

It is important to have some physical activity within one’s routine other than the normal work routine. It is always advisable to walk, run or work out as part of a regular routine life. It is suggested that if the exercise routine is done as part of one’s day routine it is most beneficial as it serves the body with the message that it is time for it to be alert and active.

Similarly, also related to the fact that our body hormone, melatonin which is controlled by light exposure and is a contributing factor to our sleep. So when we exercise in the light, less melatonin is produced and that helps the body would keep itself energized. Hence the reason to have a darker bedroom so that more of melatonin is secreted and helps in sleeping better.

Sleeping is a process to relax, hence, it is important that the surrounding contribute towards the goal. Thus, a comfortable bed, only used for relaxation; pillows which are suited to the needs and darkness all result in a person having a good night’s sleep.

Healthy dietary habits

Healthy diet is very important towards a healthy sleeping patterns. Therefore it is necessary that a person should not go to sleep either starved or too cramped with food.

In both situations the body is too tightly wound up to sleep comfortably. Therefore, it is necessary that dinner should be consumed at least 3 to 4 hours prior to bed time and it should not comprise of heavy food such as fatty food or food with too much carbohydrates.

Restricting the consumption of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks just before bed time should also be taken into consideration for a good night’s sleep.

Relaxation of mind

Mind plays an essential role in sleeping and thus, it is important to relax the mind. There are different ways to do so such as listening to soothing music, reading a book, speaking to a friend or just jotting down in a journal.

The usage of mobile phones just before sleeping can disrupt the process of mind relaxation. Even though the intention is merely to check for messages or emails, most people fail to know where to draw the line. And the result is expected – ending up with only a mere couple of hours of sleep.


At the end of the day, having a good night’s sleep is really all about self-determination. Although results may not be as obvious as success stories of weight loss, sleeping well contributes a lot to one’s well-being and fitness. Remember – recovering lost sleep can never be as effective as sleeping well.