We all know that smoking is not good for health, but getting rid of this addiction is certainly a tough task especially for smokers that try hard to get rid of it, but can’t. Many smokers believe that smoking cannot be quit because the addiction does not let you, but the fact is that with some amount of will power and some smart tips you can get rid of this addiction forever.

There are many smokers that are now non-smokers and they have done it in their own way. However, here we take a quick look at 10 tips that can help you to quit smoking forever.

Positive attitude

It all starts with a positive attitude and if you don’t have it then you are certainly not trying hard. There are many smokers that believe that they cannot quit smoking and therefore they cannot accomplish their goals. It is very important for you to believe that you can achieve this goal and when you believe that you can do it, you can actually make it happen. So, you can start with a fresh positive mind every single day and say to yourself that you can do it.

Make plans

Nothing is achieved without proper planning and therefore you have to make sure that you have a plan in your mind on how you will achieve your goal. This is important because you want to make sure that follow that plan.

If you don’t have a goal or plan in your mind you will eventually succumb to temptation and start smoking again. You will need to come up with a better practical plan where you provide rewards and punishments to your own self.

Stay motivated

Every day is different and there will be a day in the future when your enthusiasm level will drop down. This can hurt your plan and your long term goal to quit smoking. You need to make sure that you stay motivated because if you are not motivated you might give up eventually.

You need to motivate yourself mentally and emotionally and look out for the reasons why you are doing it and how you are helping your own self and your family to get better lifestyle.

Don’t give up

Smoking is sometimes hard to quit because there are other smokers around and that can be discouraging at times. When you see someone else smoking you need to start thinking about something else because you will feel the urge to go ahead with one puff.

Even when you are offered a cigarette you must make sure that you do not fall into the trap of that one puff that can only make you weak inside and you can get back to smoking again.

Talk to people

Always remember that you are not the only smoker in the world trying to get rid of this addiction. There are many smokers today that are in the process to quit smoking and therefore you can join these forums and groups that can help you to get rid of this addiction in a better way.

Smokers come up on the internet and they discuss and share their experiences that help them to support each other. You can always join these forums and groups and find out how you can help others and yourself to quit smoking.

Reward yourself

Keep short term goals and make sure that you achieve them. When you achieve those short term goals it is time for some rewards. You can go ahead and set the rewards on your own and that will make you feel happy. This actually works because you need to encourage your own self for keeping up and staying away from smoking. This will also allow you to get yourself some presents that you want.

You can set smaller rewards for smaller goals and bigger rewards for long term goals and that way it can help you to quit smoking effectively.

Distract yourself

Distraction can help you when you feel the urge to smoke. Hence, always make sure that you have something to keep you busy or distract your mind when you see people around you smoking. If you prefer going to parties to socialize you can look out for some other options so that you don’t feel the urge to smoke while you are there. You can also look out for restaurants where you can party with your friends without smoking. This will allow you to socialize without thinking about smoking.

Do Something Positive

There are many smokers that channelize their thoughts into something positive because they want to stay away from the urge to smoke. Hence, they keep themselves busy and read books or watch movies or do gardening work. This actually helps because you might feel the urge to smoke the moment you have nothing to do. When you keep yourself busy you can focus on other positive things in life so that you can get rid of smoking forever.


There are many smokers that smoke because they feel stressed and they find it relaxing when they smoke. Now, that you have decided to quit smoking you need to look out for other ways to meditate and relax your mind. You can join yoga classes and go for health clubs where you can spend some hours exercising and that will help you to focus on your body. Your trainer can help you with better diet and nutrition that can help you to focus on healthy foods that you need to eat.

You can also look out for other ways to keep your mind relaxed so that you never feel the urge to smoke.

Avoid alcohol

There are smokers that also love to consume alcohol when they smoke. If you feel the urge to smoke when you are at the bar or when you are consuming alcohol with your friends and colleagues you need to stay away from alcohol as well. This will help you to stay away from smoking and you can concentrate on how you have planned to quit smoking. You can also cut down your visits to the bar where you might get the urge to smoke.


While smoking it tough to quit you need to focus on your plans and how you are going to achieve those goals. Many smokers have already done it mainly because they have stuck to their plans and they have the will power that allows them to focus on certain decisions that they have taken in life.

When you quit smoking you need to make sure that you go through your plans regularly and do not think of quit smoking in a single day. If you are depressed or feel the urge to smoke you need to calm down and relax and distract your mind to something else. This will allow you to get rid of smoking eventually and you can be sure that over a period of time you can get over this feeling. While you are planning to quit smoking you can include your family members and trusted friends as well that can help you to realize that you have quit smoking and that reminder will also help in your plans to get rid of smoking addiction.

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